Relationships move very fast in Thailand. If you take a girl out and sleep with her that night she will expect you two will keep dating and begin a relationship. If she is a good girl she will not just come fuck you and go about her business.

In America, it’s very common to hook up and just be friends after. In my experience Thai girls want more then this.

This is just a warning… I would recommend only sleeping with girls you like or want to spend more time with. Trust me they will be calling you the next day.

I’ve been on several first dates where we were holding hands and making future plans for travel and dates.

It’s crazy. I even had a girl talk about looking for an apartment together…


I think since there are so many beautiful women in this country they feel threatened by the competition and at a certain age they start to get desperate.

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If a Thai girl is not married by her late twenties she starts to get worried. Every girl I met older then 25 wants a husband and family.

They want a stable man to take care of them financially and also show them love and respect.

I love sleeping with many beautiful girls but it is never my intention to lie and hurt people.

I have broken hearts here and I do feel bad about it. You can have fun and still be honest and up front with these women.

Just keep in mind that most girls you meet here are looking for a husband or a serious relationship.

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