Good day fellas, 199flags here making a guest post for my boy Skins. Big thank you buddy for having me! A quick background on me – I have traveled through the Philippines, Thailand, The Dominican Republic, Colombia and Hawaii. You can read about my adventures at

Today I will be dropping some knowledge on one of my favorites places in the world to pick up women – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. If you like curvy Latinas, busty black girls, white Latinas and mestizas this place is for you.

Santo Domingo is the capital of the Dominican Republic and the largest city on the small island. It is not the most glorious place to live, but the women you will find in Santo Domingo more than make up for it.

My adventure in the Dominican Republic lasted four months. During that time, I had sex with 51 Dominicanas and got in my first 4 threesomes all FFM (haven’t had one since). They loved gringo dick.

Let’s do a breakdown of the city.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic – Women Rating 3.5/5

If you are into big natural tits, Santo Domingo is the place for you. These girls have outright ridiculous natural tits. It wasn’t unusual to play with tits bigger than my head. Some of the most fun ever was splashing baby oil all over them titties.

In Santo Domingo, the girls are predominantly darker. The sexiest women imo are the black girls with some Latina blood in em. You get girls that look like Rihanna. The girl I dated longest had a similar face and build. She was an inch taller than me. Sexy as hell.

These women are fiery. If you are used to having submissive Asians this is a HUGE change. They are still feminine, but much stronger.

THE SEX oh the sex. In my experience, Latina girls have the nicest pussies and they are the most fiery in the bedroom. This is my style. I’m dominant. A good Latina, she wants to fuck hard and good.


Now mix this with the booty popping magic of a black girl. What we have here fellas is a work of art. Girls that still give me the shivers down my back when I think about em. These Dominican girls will ride dick like you have never seen in your life.

Dominicanas have sexy style too. Mostly Latina style with some Caribbean flare. Writing this is making me want to go back there right now. For me Santo Domingo is ecstasy because of the women. Big natural tits.

I like when girls wear Jordan’s with the tight jeans.

Their faces could use some work. This is where most guys will notice a drop off. For me, Dominicanas can have some of the most beautiful faces in the world if you do a little work searching.

Santo Domingo – Logistics

The best places to stay in Santo Domingo are Gazcue, Zona Colonial and Piatini. There are a couple of other neighborhoods, but these are your safest bets.

Prices here are low, but not the lowest I have ever seen. Philippines, Thailand and Colombia are all cheaper. Be careful with the taxi drivers ripping you off because they do not use meters.

It is safe, but not as safe as Asia or Colombia in my experience. Dominicans can get wild.

The best way to pick up girls in Santo Domingo is online game by far. Every girl has an online dating account, no joke. This way you can quickly screen the girls that are into foreigners. Click here to join Dominican Cupid and hook up with the sexiest girls on the island!

Dominican women are usually easy to scoop, although it can sometimes pose a challenge. Not all of them are into foreigners either.

The city is hot as hell unless you go during December or January. Make sure to have working air conditioning or you’ll be losing your hard on while trying to bang girls in the blazing heat.

Santo Domingo – Cost of Living Rating 3.5/5

With my current income being somewhat low, the only places I hit up are where American dollars go further. Santo Domingo costs a little more than I am willing to pay at the moment.

It is possible to find apartments for $200-400 a month, but it’s not very nice and in Zona Colonial. On the other hand, I’ll live in a dump to bang Dominicanas all day and work on my career.

That’s why I give it a 3.5. The country is a bit 3rd worldish. For a nice apartment in a nice section prices can get high over $1000 a month. This is comparable to American prices in some places.

To make a comparison I found a place in Bogota, Colombia for $550 month. The place had amenities – gym, pool, sauna, doormen. It was gorgeous, a slam dunk of a deal for $550. The same place in Santo Domingo would most likely go for at least double the price.

Overall, yes it’s much cheaper than USA, but there are places in the world with better quality of life that are more affordable.

mongering map santo domingo dominican republic

Santo Domingo – Quality of Life Rating 2.5/5

Even though I love Santo Domingo A LOT, it is not the best quality of life. A lot of the city looks 3rd worldish – wild dogs, beggars, trash, danger. I love this kind of shit, personally it makes me feel more real. Although, it is obviously not for everyone.

The heat also makes it hard to live there. The beaches there are dirty too. You can go close by to Boca Chica. The best beaches in the country are far from Santo Domingo.

The nightlife is not the best for a foreigner without connections. If you go out make sure you are with locals you can trust. The best way to do this is by making friends with a ring of people through banging a girl off Dominican Cupid. Pipelining at its finest.

The food is not that great. Lots of salty meat, rice and fried foods including bad Chinese food. The good part is there are great avocados, fresh fruit juices (especially the coconut) and some good dishes in there. Once you find a few nice places and figure out what you like it’s not too bad.

The only place I’ve been with worse food is the Philippines.

One thing to note is the healthcare is great. I had a minor motorcycle accident and ended up getting a staph infection in my elbow that required surgery. The surgery was smooth and the travel insurance I had covered the cost of almost everything.


Women 3.5/5

Cost of Living 3.5/5

Quality of Life Rating 2.5/5

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic – 199flags Score 9.5/15

Santo Domingo will always be one of my favorite places to meet women with spectacular curves. The fiery spirit of the Dominicana is unlike anything I have ever seen.

The legendary tits and asses, the cute smiles, the unforgettable days drinking Presidente in the Dominican sun, smoking Dominican cigars, surfing – These are all memories I will never forget.

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