I’m looking for a girlfriend. That’s right, I’m tired of juggling a bunch of random women! Ok let’s not get crazy here… I’m not looking to settle down. No marriage or children in my future. 🙂

Just saying that I would like to find one smoking hot chick who is cool to hang out with. Then I can focus all my time on my business ventures. In my free time I can hang out with my girl instead of my current rotation of half a dozen skanks. Me and my girl can travel together, have fun, fuck like rabbits and have some halfway intelligent conversations. Ahh that would be wonderful! 😀

This may surprise you… But it’s been surprisingly difficult to find a girl I actually want to date in Asia. Maybe I’m too picky? Maybe I’m burnt out on the steady diet of Asian snapper? Should I just pack up and move to a different region like Eastern Europe? Then join Bride Stars and date Russian girls? Maybe some day. 😉

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Searching For A Unicorn

What is a unicorn? It’s a mythical creature that doesn’t exist. I’m wondering if the perfect girlfriend exists in south east Asia? Finding her has been like looking for a unicorn.

Here’s what I want…

A Hot Chick. At least 9/10

Speaks Good English. Enough to communicate basic information and have some meaningful conversations. We don’t need to discuss politics and economics but something beyond “what you want to eat” would be nice.

Not A Whore. I don’t want a girl that’s on Vietnam Cupid, Asian Dating, Badoo or Tinder. And I don’t want a broad who thinks she’s a celebrity on social media with her bikini pic as her profile pic. Along with 700 likes from every Tom, Mark and Adam. Yuck no thanks… I’ll throw a fuck into her but I’m not going to date her seriously.

You Can Only Choose Two!

In my experience, you can find a girl with two out of three of those qualities.

I’ve had hot, conservative chicks who can’t speak English. I’ve had really sweet chicks who speak perfect English who are average looking… I’ve had smokin hot chicks who speak good English who are complete whores. It seems like there’s always one piece of the puzzle that’s missing.

I have a lot of girls in my harem at the moment. There’s about five that will pretty much fuck me on demand. These are girls I can just text and basically say “I need sex can you come over?” ?

There’s another five or so that will come over if I take them out to dinner or drinks. Plus the P4P chicks and a few others in the pipeline I’m working on. It’s great to have options but it does get overwhelming at times. Especially because some of these girls require maintenance. You know, text messages good morning, good night, chatting throughout the day. Pretending to give a shit what they have to say. If you go too silent on them they get all pissed and the relationship quickly crashes and burns.

I’m ready to trim back my harem. It’s grown to a point where it’s consuming my life. At the same time, I can’t imagine being a one woman man. There’s no feeling like getting some strange! I have even dissed one of my hotter girls to hook up with an average looking girl just because it was something different… Nothing like that new pussy smell! ?

However, I would like to find myself a unicorn. A hot girl I enjoy fucking, but I also enjoy talking to her and spending time together. A girl I can have sleep over my place and not worry about her skimming cash out of my money clip when I go to take a piss. A girl I can take on vacation and be happy to spend money on her. A girl I don’t want to throw out the window after a few hours of hanging out. Wish me luck. I will continue my search…

Another day in paradise…