Taking a much needed break from city life and enjoying a week on the beach. I stopped into this small restaurant for a quick meal and some beers. There was a cute waitress working there and we began chatting.

She was slim, with sexy tan skin and a beautiful smile. Really cute chick. She was super friendly and spoke great English so it was a pleasure chatting with her. I ended up staying at this restaurant way longer than planned. Time flew by as I drank beers and talked with this lovely lady.

Finally it was her time to finish work so I invited her out for a drink with me. She said she can’t stay out too late because her family expected her to be home shortly after work… But she agreed to hang out on the beach with me for a while. I stopped at the store and bought some cold beers. Then we sat on the beach for about an hour drinking and talking. It was a good time. 🙂

She had to go home but we exchanged numbers and we made plans to meet again. The next night we did the same thing. We met on the beach and drank beers after she finished work. We had a LONG conversation and she told me her life story.

Apparently, she has a boyfriend in England. They’ve been dating for years and he comes to visit her once a year… SMH… Hey I don’t go out of my way to fuck other guys girlfriends, but I politely pointed out the obvious to her…

Maybe, he has other priorities in life besides her? They’ve been dating for “years” and he hasn’t married her, or moved here, or moved her there to England. I respectfully suggested that maybe she should enjoy her life and date men who live in her country. She’s in her mid twenties and time is ticking.

She agreed and said that all of her friends and family keep telling her that too. We cracked a few more cans of beer and they went down great on that hot summer night. Damn I miss being near the sea.

After a while I suggested we take a walk on the beach. We kicked off our shoes and took a long walk on the sand. Eventually we found a quiet spot where we sat down near the water.

We cuddled up close to each other. Then one thing led to another and we began kissing. I started feeling her up and I could tell she was really into it. This girl needed some dick. All that waiting for her boyfriend had her ready to explode!

I slid my hand up her thigh until I reached her pussy. I slid my fingers up her shorts and she was soaking wet. I began fingering her while gently massaging her clit. Then I pulled a titty out and began sucking on it while working her pussy at the same time. I certainly had my hands full! 😛

She was moaning and loving every minute of it. I was rock hard at this point so I pulled my hog out and placed her hand on it. She immediately dove on it and started giving me a BJ. It was pretty decent and I applaud her enthusiasm. 😀

I looked around on the beach and there was nobody near us. I could see some people off in the distance but we were in a dark area out of sight. I gently laid her down and pulled her shorts and panties off with one swift movement.

I climbed on top of her and very carefully slipped my dick in her pussy. Her ass was directly on the sand so you can imagine the fear I had of making a mistake… No man wants a sandy pussy!

I pumped her good and hard for several minutes while squeezing her ripe tan titties. I was worried when some people off in the distance started coming closer to us and I didn’t want to get interrupted. I was also worried about our motorbikes left unattended so I kept things brief.

I jack hammered that tight little snapper and blasted inside of her. Cream pie on the beach. Check. Scratch that off the bucket list! 😀

She’s in Love

So now she’s texting me non stop of course. Which is fine… She’s a sweet girl and I like her. But she has a habit of bringing up her boyfriend all the time. She will say things like “you know, he only text me two times today.”

I’d say “listen babe, maybe you should talk to your girlfriends about that shit. I don’t want to hear it.” She’s slowly getting the point.

The other day I answered her text late. So she sent me all these text messages saying shit like “my boyfriend is making a visa for me so I will leave here forever and you will never see me again. How do you feel? You sad? Maybe you don’t care.”

Oh shit… Let the games begin. Knew I should have just paid a hooker that night. 🙁

That Pussy Ain’t Right

So I pick this broad up during the day and bring her to my room. Finally, we will make love like civilized human beings. Indoors, on a comfortable bed. Shortly after we get into my room we start going at it. I rip all of her clothes off and go down on her.

I’m licking her pussy for a moment when suddenly, I taste the most disgusting taste in my mouth. I gagged and ran to the bathroom. I began spitting in the sink while rinsing my mouth out with water.

I was violently brushing my mouth out with the toothbrush while holding back the urge to vomit. Once I rinsed that awful taste out I walked back into the bedroom. She’s just laying there in bed giggling.

“What the fuck is in your pussy?!” I said.

“Sorry! It’s medicine!”

“Medicine for what?!”

“To clean my pussy.”

“When did you put that in there?” I asked.

“A few hours ago. I want to clean for you.”

“You let me lick your pussy with medicine in there? You don’t say anything?!”

“Sorry just a little bit! I think no problem!” She said.

I laid there on the bed pissed off. My cock was shriveled up and I had lost all interest in sex. She hugged me and said sorry. Then she goes down and starts blowing me… Suddenly I’m interested again. 🙂

“Don’t sperm in my mouth. I will vomit.” She says.

“You almost made me vomit just now!” I said.

She blew me until she got tired and quit. Oh no, you’re not giving up that easy! I quickly flipped her onto her back and mounted her face. I punished her mouth until it was time to explode then I shot my load all over her perky tan tits.

Another day in paradise…