What’s up Guys!

I’ve been in Vietnam for over a month now so I have a lot of info to share about this great country. Really I’m loving it here. If I was ever black listed from Thailand I could live out my years just fine in Vietnam. However there are some things that piss me off on a daily basis. Here’s a few…

Things I Hate About Living in Vietnam


Why the FUCK is Vietnam so LOUD?!! It’s nearly impossible to find a place with some peace and quiet. I wake up to the sounds of kids screaming and playing soccer in the alley by my room. Constant horn honking in traffic. Vietnamese people love their horn…

Right now I’m in my hotel with the windows open and there is a wall of noise coming from outside. Horns, traffic, construction, motorbikes, metal doors opening and closing, Vietnamese people yelling. I really should make a recording of this. I enjoy big city life because of the constant energy and movement but this place is unnecessarily noisy.

Every day I drive out to the mountains by Nha Trang and just sit there for a few moments to collect my thoughts. This daily ritual keeps me sane.

Vietnam is under construction. It’s everywhere. I guess this is a good thing for them. I see a lot of development going on all over the place. More hotels, wider streets, new sidewalks, etc.

The negative is this contributes to the noise and pollution. It’s so ridiculous at times I just have to laugh to myself. I will find a café to do some work from and within minutes there is a layer of dust on my table and laptop. Chop saws and jack hammers are screeching and banging away at the building next door.

Just yesterday I was drinking coffee at a nice quiet place. There was a group of Vietnamese guys sitting next to me… Suddenly one stands up, picks up a drill off the floor and starts drilling on the fence next to me… WTF?!! I thought this was a practical joke on me. Apparently they were construction workers taking a coffee break… There is no escaping the noise in this country.

Also, Vietnamese people are noisy as fuck. Listen to a group of them talking, it’s like a bunch of yapping dogs. YAP YUP YAH YAP YUP YUP!!! That’s what it sounds like to me anyways. The language is not easy on the ears. They scream at each other when they talk.

Every morning it sounds like there is a heated argument going on in the lobby of my hotel… I can hear people yelling from two floors up. When I get down stairs I see it is just two young Vietnamese kids talking to each other. Why the fuck are you yelling at each other??! You are in the same room! Just bizarre.

No Privacy

There is no privacy in Vietnam. I am used to the anonymity of big city life. In a place like Bangkok some people know you, but for the most part you get lost in the crowd. If you live on a small street in Vietnam, people know all about you. What girl you are with, what time you come and go, etc. Everyone is always outside and always watching.

When I am working from coffee shops the employees will sit next to me and look at what I’m doing online… Some will grab my laptop, pull up Google translate and start chatting with me… I appreciate how friendly people are but damn! Get the fuck off my shoulder! I have to be careful about what I’m doing online out in public.

Most hotels you stay at will be smaller guest houses. Some are not guest friendly so you have to be careful about this… They lock the front gate around 11:00pm so you will be forced to ring the door bell if you get home late at night. Usually these places are family run businesses and they sleep in the lobby. You need to tip toe past people sleeping after a night of partying… I can’t stand this shit. Feels like I’m back home living with my mother!

Even if a place is guest friendly they will often interrogate your lady friend. Long (LOUD) conversations and they have to leave their ID. Shit like this is just an unnecessary hassle. Makes me want to jump on a plane back to Bangkok. I can come and go at all hours of the night in Bangkok. The security guard quickly glances at me and goes back to watching TV. No locked doors, no interrogations, no bullshit.

You can find a good place to stay in Vietnam but you may have to move a few times. Read my post about How To Find A Guest Friendly Hotel in Vietnam.

Conservative Girls

At this point I’d say I like Vietnam better then Thailand… EXCEPT for the girl situation. And that is important… Maybe the most important thing for me at this point.

Not that Thai girls are better then Vietnamese girls, they’re just easier to fuck. WAY easier! If you are married or want a girlfriend I’d say live in Vietnam. If you want to chase hookers or bang cute and easy girls on Thai Cupid, Thailand is the spot.

Vietnamese girls are much more conservative. Most girls live at home with their parents until they get married. Grown women often have curfews of 10:00 or 11:00pm. No Bullshit. I have a date later with a girl I met on Vietnam Cupid. She doesn’t drink and has to be home at 11:00pm… What are the chances I bang her tonight? Not good.

There are good girls and bad girls everywhere, but generally speaking this is the deal… Most Vietnamese girls are looking for a husband. They don’t want to just party and fuck around like a lot of the Thai girls I know.

I respect that. The Vietnamese girls I met are extremely smart, sweet and beautiful. Really classy women. I could easily date one of these girls but I’m not looking for that right now.

I enjoy single life. I just want to party and get laid. Therefore, Thailand is the better place at this stage in my life.

Also, the pay for play scene sucks in Vietnam. It’s a much more conservative country so the sex trade is not out in the open like it is in Thailand. I actually appreciate that on a certain level but still, it’s nice to have a few BJ bars and soapy massage joints in the city.

My few mongering adventures in Vietnam were below average and over priced compared to Thailand. I’ve decided to save all whore and massage money until I get back to Thailand.

When I get back to Bangkok I am going to go on a serious fuckin bender… I have cuties from Thai Cupid waiting for me plus some sexy little bar girls are going to get ran through when I touch down. 🙂

So that’s it guys. I’m loving it in Vietnam! It’s one of my favorite places in the world. But no place is perfect and these are the things that drive me nuts out here.