I want to share a quick story with you guys. Please let me know how you would handle this situation because it’s pissing me off.

I’m a regular at this one cafe. A new girl started working there as a waitress. This chick is really cute… 19 years old, slim, tight little body, cute face. Just the type I like to cream pie. 😛

I began chatting with her a little bit every day and eventually we became friends on Facebook. One day I asked if she wanted to meet for a bowl of noodles and she agreed. I picked her up from work at the end of her shift. We ate some Pho Bo and then I brought her home.

I was a perfect gentlemen the whole time. Just friendly without flirting or trying to get her back to my place. We would chat occasionally on Facebook messenger and while she was waiting on me at the cafe.

Another night we met for noodles again. Same deal, I picked her up after work (she has no motorbike) and we went out for a quick late night dinner.

Money Grubbing Whores in Vietnam

At dinner she started talking about money… She said thank you for buying me dinner… I have no money until I get my salary next week… I said it’s no problem! We are friends. I am happy to take you out for dinner. 🙂 She’s a nice girl and we’re talking $4 for two bowls of noodles.

Then she said I have no money for the week until I get my salary and can I please borrow a little bit of money so I can buy food this week???

I said how much do you want??? She said 200,000 VND would be good enough. That’s only like $9 USD so I agreed. It’s an amount of money that I don’t care about and if she really has no money for food then I’m happy to help out.

If she asked me for one million dong or some ridiculous amount then I would say NO. But even if I never saw her again, 200,000 VND isn’t a big deal.

Fast Forward A Few Days

Then she started acting real flakey when I messaged her… We used to chat via text message every few days but now she would respond to my text days later… Just to be clear I NEVER brought up the money with her. I just sent normal messages like you would text any friend.

To be honest, I never expected her to pay the money back and I wasn’t even going to ask her about it. One week came and went and the date she said she would pay me back had past… Of course, I got no text from her and she never spoke to me when she saw me at the cafe… She just smiled from a distance like I was just another stranger in the crowd.

At this point she had ignored several of my texts and she wouldn’t even come near me when I was at her work. Doesn’t that make you crazy when someone reads your message but doesn’t respond??? That’s some rude shit but hey I’m used to it. Asian women are flakey.

Just to be clear, there’s nothing more to this story. I didn’t do anything weird or creepy in the mean time. After that last date when I gave her money that was it. She cut me off…

So after several weeks of not answering my text messages and making NO attempt whatsoever to contact me about paying me back I sent her this message… Do you have my money?

She quickly responded by saying yes I have it. You can meet me after work and I will pay you back! She told me to pick her up outside of work at 10PM.

If we were friends then I wouldn’t even think of asking for the cash back but fuck her! She’s not my friend, she’s not my girl, she never gave me any pussy. She’s just some random chick I fed twice, gave her rides home and handed some cash for no reason… Obviously this was a mistake on my part but hey, I was trying to get balls deep! 😛

OK so we had a plan to meet at 10PM. Around 9:30PM I went to text her just to say I’m on the way… Guess what… She BLOCKED me on Facebook!!! “This user is not accepting messages from you at this time.”

Can you believe the nerve of this stupid cunt??? Really??? Tell me to meet you and then block me? This really pissed me off…

This little cunt thought she was clever… But I also have her phone number. I sent an SMS to her phone… “Wow you block me? I am nice to you and help you and you block me? That is very rude!”

She texted me back right away “I’m sorry, I have a boyfriend and he blocked you. Not me!”

This is complete bullshit… I’m telling you, these women with black eyes have no heart. They will look you right in the face and lie their ass off…

I said I don’t care about your boyfriend. You told me to meet you and then you block me… Don’t play games with me.

Then the truth comes out… “I don’t have money now. I can not pay you.”

I said, tell your boyfriend you need money so you can pay me back.

“He is a student. Very poor! No money!”

Great… Broke ass kid and a lying bitch. Perfect couple! BTW she always told me she was single… Another lie.

She said I can pay you November 21 when I get my next salary! I promise!

OK so that’s where we are at now… I haven’t talked to her in a week but she promised to pay me tomorrow, November 21.

Funny thing is I still go to this same cafe and I still see her every day. Hey I’ve been going there for a year now. I was there first god damn it! She just smiles at me like nothing ever happened… Balls of steel on this broad…

Fake Smiles and Bullshit

That’s another cultural quirk you might notice in Vietnam. When people are nervous or embarrassed then will smile or laugh. Used to drive me nuts until I figured this out…

Like the time a waitress dumped a hot glass of black coffee on my brand new tailor made trousers… Looked like I took a hot shit on myself… Hey shit happens so I wasn’t angry at her…

But instead of apologizing she just covered her mouth and started laughing hysterically… I said oh that’s funny huh??? That’s nice… Then she ran off and started giggling with her friends…

She never said a word to me or apologized… But the truth is she was probably about to cry because she was so embarrassed. Fuckin weirdos… Anyways back to the story.

Tomorrow I will have a coffee at her work place like a always do. If she is my waitress, I will calmly and politely ask if she has my money. If she doesn’t, then I will just let it go… I’ve already wasted enough of my mental energy on this. I just don’t like it when people play me for a sucker.

I hope you guys don’t think I’m psycho. You know, $9 dollars means absolutely nothing to me. It’s the principal! How rude and disrespectful can a bitch be? As soon as I hand her a couple dollars she just cuts me off… Bitch I don’t even want the money! But if you’re going to cut me off like I’m nothing then fuck you!

I hate when people take my kindness for weakness. One thing’s for sure. She wouldn’t pull this shit with a Vietnamese man. He would beat her ass in public with everyone watching. Not a single week goes by where I don’t see some Viet guy slapping around his girlfriend or wife.

Guess what… Nobody even cares. People just walk by and keep right on with their conversations like nothing is happening. Including me! It’s none of my damn business. As long as he’s not killing her.

But no. I’m the big dumb rich white guy. She can take my money, block my messages and smile at me like nothing happened… Makes me furious. She’s lucky I’m a nice guy and I have bigger things to worry about then some little cunt who ran off with $9… Some day she’s going to pull this shit with the wrong guy and it’s going to get her in trouble.

I’m Surrounded By Thieves in Vietnam

Why are Vietnamese people such thieves? I really do love the people here but let’s face the facts. STEALING is a huge part of the culture here. They’re not all thieves. But LOT’S of them are… If you left your iPhone on the table of a crowded cafe then walked away, a dozen people would dive on top of it.

OK now I know some guy will leave a comment and say “hey I’ve been an expat here for eleven years and nothing ever happened to me blah blah blah…” Well good for you pal. Fact is EVERY SINGLE DAY I either witness some crime or hear about someone getting jacked.

Just the other night my girl got her purse ripped off her in traffic. Can you imagine? Guys riding around cutting purses off young girls… That’s the lowest of the low. These thieving bastards lives are not even worth the price of a bullet. They should just be hit in the head with a brick and buried alive.

Luckily, my girl had her phone and money in her pockets so there wasn’t anything valuable in her purse. She wears it for fashion but bag snatching is so common here she doesn’t keep her valuables in it! She came over to my house and said “oh I lost my blue purse. I really like that one… Oh well…”

Oh well??! I was furious! I wanted to go kick the shit out of someone, anyone, any Vietnamese guy 17-25 would do… But she didn’t care. It’s normal here. Part of life. Fuckin disgusting if you ask me.

When you park your motorbike at a cafe in Thailand does security check it in and give you a number? No… Does your hotel pack all the motorbikes into the lobby at night and pad lock the gate? No…

Vietnam has a problem… It’s the snatch and run mentality. It’s effecting their tourism numbers too.


In what appeared to be a rare move, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam has admitted that unsafe traffic, dirty food and environment, thieves, beggars, and overcharging by vendors have been a drag on the tourism industry.
Thanh Nien News


OK sorry for the rant. I just went off on a wild tangent there. Obviously snatch and run robberies have nothing to do with the fact that I’m an idiot who gave some random bitch some money. I’m just fed up with the money grubbing bullshit. I’ll never understand this mentality. I couldn’t sleep at night if I took someones hard earned money or possessions.

Just warning you guys, you have to be careful out here because everyone wants to squeeze the white man for their dong. Ha that sounds funny…. Squeeze my dong…

OK so how would you handle this? If she doesn’t pay me I’ll just forget about it and move on… I just wish I could piss in her bowl of Pho or something… I’m in no mood for bullshit. I got the clap so I can’t bare back any pussy for a week. 🙁 Maybe I can invite her out for a drink and stir her cocktail with my dirty disease ridden cock? 😛

Fuck it. I feel better already getting this off my chest. Thanks for reading my rant. Have a good weekend!


Just a quick update for anyone who isn’t reading all the comments below… I texted her on the day she promised to pay me… And of course, she text me back “sorry I have no money.” I told her to forget it, she does not have to pay me… She said she was very sorry…

My plan was to offer her money for sex but I didn’t feel comfortable being so direct… I’m a regular at this cafe and I don’t want her to tell everyone about this offer… So here’s what I did… I said, “do you need help with money? I can give you one million dong to clean my room. Easy work for you!”

She didn’t respond… Keep in mind that she makes three million for ONE MONTH of working all day every day. But she didn’t respond to my offer of one million dong for an hours work… Oh well. Of course, my plan was to offer her more money later for additional favors…

But that’s it. I’m over it and I have let it go. Live and learn. White men are the walking ATMs of Asia. But I’m still having the time of my life!!! 😀 Cheers guys.