What’s up Guys!

I was just answering some comments on my post about Staying Productive While Traveling. I thought of something else I would like to add to the list. Live somewhere boring!

OK I know this may sound strange… You’re going to give up everything in your home country, move to paradise and then rent an apartment somewhere boring??! Hear me out on this…

Do you have the discipline and self control it takes to live in a place like Bangkok or Pattaya? I’ve done it, and I must admit it’s tough to get much work done.

Bangkok, Thailand has the best nightlife of any city I’ve been. It’s also the easiest place to meet cute Thai girls online. You can spend all day dating girls and all night partying in the red light districts. If you want to live there you have to balance work and play or you will go broke and destroy your health.

I’m still not tired of it. My past weekend was a great example of what NOT to do… I started out by writing a post about how to stay productive. ๐Ÿ™‚

Then I totally neglected work, went out on five different dates. Trolled my favorite dating site. Got completely wasted every night and slept all day… Then went back out to party at night. I skipped the gym and completely blew my set budget. Now I feel like a fucking loser. ๐Ÿ™

The reason? There’s a few… For one, I’m still immature. The second reason is I’m currently in a fun city. There are so many cute girls here and the nightlife is crazy! It’s hard to ignore the ten cute girls that are blowing up my phone all day… Eventually my penis decides to take action!

Create Your Ideal Lifestyle

Some people read my location reviews and make comments like “why would you live in Chiang Rai or Hoi An? It’s so boring!” That’s exactly the point…

These locations have everything you need to be happy without the overwhelming distractions of a bigger city. It’s not fun to go to the same few hole in the wall bars every night so eventually you will just say fuck it and stay home. Or, you can try living in a city like Pattaya which has endless Soi’s of complete debauchery waiting to be explored.

Now I’m not saying to live on some farm in Isaan and meditate all day… Unless that’s what makes you happy… I’m just making a suggestion to all my fellow sex addicted alcoholics out there. You can live somewhere fun that’s not completely insane.

Consider living somewhere low key while working on your business and fitness goals. Work hard, save money, study, get in great shape. Then take a month or so to travel or go on a bender.

This is just my personal strategy. If you can handle living in the Philippines without chasing pussy all day and night then go for it! I don’t think I’m ready to go there just yet… I have a few more projects to finish and then I’ll be back on the road.