I’m working on some fashion advice here on Single Man’s Paradise. Please enter your email to subscribe to my weekly newsletter. Expect a lot more great dating tips coming up very soon! First I want to tackle this important topic…

Should You Shave Your Beard?

I notice a growing trend in men’s fashion. Weird hipsters beards. Clean cut, handsome young men are growing these large, strange looking beards. Hey, if you’re a lumberjack in Alaska who rolls his own cigarettes, then rock on! But if you’re a single man and you enjoy having sex without paying for it, then I suggest you trim that beard down a bit.

I used to wear a short beard like that dude on the left. I always kept it meticulously trimmed and lined up. In America, chicks love facial hair. My girlfriends would often complain when I shaved it. American chicks dig the “bad boy” look. However, when I moved to Asia I had several girls rub my face and say, “I don’t like this.” I think most Asian girls like the clean cut model look. Not the rough and tumble street guys. Be sure to read my post about Dating in Asia vs Dating in America.

Asian girls prefer a clean shaven man. I’ve been told that personally by several girls in Thailand. If you move out here you might want to consider that. Also, in this study, a group of 200 women looked at pictures of men with and without beards and the results were unanimous… The men looked more attractive when clean shaven.

Another important note. When men were surveyed about the same pictures, they all thought the men with beards looked older and more aggressive. This could have serious implications if you are applying for a job, networking for business or just trying to make friends in a new city. If you shave your beard, you will look younger, more attractive, friendlier and more approachable. That’s what the studies say and that’s what I have experienced personally.

Maybe you are independently wealthy. You don’t need a job or any new friends. Maybe you prefer to pay for sex and you don’t need to attract the sexy young college girls. Good, then grow out that weirdo beard and grease that mustache! But if you want to be more approachable by strangers, I suggest buying a few bics and getting cleaned up.

I occasionally go a few days without shaving and sport the “5 o’clock shadow.” But I never take it any further then that. Not only is this better for my social life, it’s just easier. No more meticulously trimming my beard in the mirror. Every morning I just take two minutes and shave it off.

I’m sharing all of this information for a purpose. I want you to have fun, get laid and make a lot of money. Your appearance has a lot to do with how people treat you. Especially when you are traveling in a new city. Stay sharp guys!