What’s up guys! Just spent another great week in Sihanoukville. It’s been two years since I’ve been there so here’s an update.

Nightlife and Mongering in Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville is a small town compared to a place like Pattaya. (Click those links for the location reviews.) So don’t expect the same amount of options or a wild nightlife scene. Everything is real laid back in “Snooky” but I enjoy the slow pace and there’s still plenty of fun to be had.

Freelancers in Sihanoukville

I decided to fire up WeChat and Zalo to see if any hookers were online. Surprisingly, there were quite a few Vietnamese girls on there. They said they do “massage” in Sihanoukville. I asked where is their shop and they said “no shop. Can go to your hotel.” Ahh ok. So they’re freelancers. The girls I talked to wanted $50 for short time but I’d imagine you could talk them down. I passed on them and decided to go hunt for pussy in person.

Serendipty Beach, Sihanoukville

The main tourist area is Serendipty Beach. There’s about ten bars / restaurants along this strip of beach and it’s a fun place to chill out at night. Please note, these are not girly bars. You will see plenty of back packers and regular families hanging out. But still, there are freelancers lurking around everywhere at night. If you walk past the main tourist bars, the restaurants continue but it’s a much more local crowd. This is where Khmer tourists and families go to hang out, go swimming and eat seafood. It’s a good place to go if you want to escape the back packer crowd without traveling too far.

I like to go down to the beach around 5:30pm for dinner and a few beers. Enjoy the sunset and get ready for another night of debauchery in Sihanoukville. Then I usually bar hop around some other parts of Snooky until late night. Serendipty Beach really gets going after 11:00pm. All the families are gone and it’s just the people there to party hard all night.

It’s a small scene there and usually everyone will end up at one of the bars late night. When I say “bar” it’s really a little wooden shack on the beach with a DJ booth inside. At midnight, go to the most hopping place and it will be packed wall to wall. Tourists, back packers, hookers, ladyboys, drug dealers. Everyone’s there.

Every night I saw a handful of hot freelancers so there are definitely some options. Most were quoting me $30 for short time but I’m sure there’s some room for negotiation. I’ve gotten them for $20-$25 there. When the other girly bars close, a lot of the chicks head to the beach to drink and possibly find a customer. These bars are thumping until the sun comes up so if you don’t like noise, choose a hotel far from this area.

Beer Bars / Girly Bars in Sihanoukville

The rainy season was in full swing so the nightlife was somewhat dead. One of the better places for girls is the “square.” Which is a complex of about twelve or more beer bars right near the Gold Lions statue. This is strictly a mongering area. No families hanging around having dinner here. I like this place because there’s usually some hidden gems in there. It’s a laid back place and it’s real close to Serendipty Beach.

Victory Hill is another popular place for mongering. It’s across town from Serendipty Beach. It’s only a ten minute ride on a motorbike but still a bit of a hassle, especially if it’s raining. Victory Hill has one small street with about ten bars. It was pretty quiet there too but I did see several hot chicks. I had one farm fresh cutie from Battambang quote me $50 for short time, $10 for the bar. Others were willing to go for $30/$10.

Drink Girls in Cambodia

One annoying thing about beer bars in Cambodia is many of them have “drink girls.” Meaning, they will sit and drink with you but you can’t take them out of the bar. Of course, the hottest, younger chicks are always the ones who can’t go out. What a dick tease! 🙁

I would point at a chick I like and ask about her. The others would say “no she can not go. She’s original.” I guess Khmer virgins are referred to as “original.” They don’t try to hide this fact. So you can just ask about a girl before you buy her any drinks.

Mongering Adventures in Sihanoukville!

One night I was drinking with this sexy broad at a beer bar. She had a gorgeous smile. In fact, I would have never stopped at that shitty bar if I didn’t see her smiling at me as I drove by. I was drawn to her like a moth to a flame! 😀 She was thick with curves in all the right places. She had one of the nicest asses I’ve ever seen in Asia. No bullshit. She had a Latina, “J Lo” style bubble butt. These are hard to find in south east Asia! And she was wearing black spandex pants. Good lord she was driving me insane with that ass and I was feeling it up the whole time we were drinking together.

So after a bunch of drinks while groping her like a creepy pervert I asked to bar fine her. $10 for the bar. $30 for her. Good deal I say. My hotel was a bit of a drive so I asked about hotels nearby the bar. They were all $10 or so and I figured why be lazy. I don’t need to pay for a room when I already have one across town. But it was raining a bit so I said fuck that.

Then I asked the bar owner if he had a spare room in the back. He said yes, there is another bar area upstairs but he doesn’t use it. He agreed to open it up for us so we could have a little alone time. 😉

Me and my lady friend went up there and got comfortable. There was a pool table in the center of the room. A small bar. Some couches off to the side. Pretty nice set up.

I sat her on the pool table and began making out with her. I don’t usually kiss whores but this chick was stunning and I couldn’t help myself. We stripped out of our clothes and that ass was fantastic. The perfect tan bubble butt. I spent some time just squeezing it and slapping her ass cheeks. Damn I miss her already.

Then I slipped my cock in bare back and proceeded to pound her in every position all over the room. I was standing while she was laying on the pool table. Then I climbed onto the pool table and banged her missionary. I had her bent over the pool table. I was sitting on the couch while she was riding me. We did it all. What a blast. 😛

I had all the lights on the whole time. A true porn star experience. She took it like a champ too. All smiles and she seemed really into it. It’s hard to find this level of service in Vietnam. The hookers in Cambodia are much warmer than in Vietnam. The Khmer have more in common with the Thai’s. Fun loving and easy going. Vietnamese hookers are sexy but their personalities are ice cold. No fun, strictly business.

I finished this chick off with a cream pie and we got dressed. She was nervous about a baby and I was nervous about STD’s. I explained to her that I could not get her pregnant. I asked if she was sick and she said “no.” Hope so… I had a good look at her box before sliding in and everything looked ok. I’m no doctor but that was good enough for me. 😉

We went back down stairs and had a few more drinks. We exchanged numbers and said our goodbyes. I really wanted to repeat with her but I just never made it back over there. Another great memory. 🙂

Blue Mountain Sihanoukville

Last time I was in Sihanoukville I went to check out “Blue Mountain.” This is an infamous street known for cheap brothels full of Vietnamese whores. When I first went there I wasn’t impressed. Actually, I thought I was on the wrong street because there was not much going on there. Just a couple of tiny shacks with a few girls working. Surely this couldn’t be the famous Blue Mountain?!

Well I’m happy to report that this time was much better. I drove up and down the street and saw about seven different brothels operating. Some had just a few bored looking girls sitting around playing with their phones. But several had half a dozen smokin hot chicks standing outside. I pulled up to one place and they all swarmed around me. They were all dressed sexy. Hair and make up done like they were going to the club. Impressive.

I asked them how much. They said $20 room included. Last time I had some average looking skanks quoting me $30 and I bargained hard to get them down to $25. This time the girls were hotter and starting at $20. They looked like Vietnamese chicks. Long legs. White skin. Real pretty. But I didn’t ask where they were from.

I brought one thin white skinned chick inside for a super fast quickie. Nothing spectacular about her performance but I got a nut off. I was worried about leaving by motorbike parked out front so I was in and out quick. It’s a sketchy environment up there on Blue Mountain. I never felt threatened in Cambodia but if someone wanted to pull an armed robbery, that’s the type of place it would go down. Dark, poverty stricken, no other tourists around, no police presence. “The Wild West of Asia.” Not for the beginner monger, that’s for sure.

Rainy Season in Sihanoukville

Snooky suffers from a long and wet rainy season. This is a bummer. When I was there it rained pretty much not stop all day, every day. This is something to consider before booking your trip. If you just want to hang out in bars and restaurants then it’s fine. But the main reason I went down to Sihanoukville was to visit Koh Rong Island. Every day I would wake up and it would be raining buckets of water. I mean torrential downpour where the streets turned into a river. No fucking way I was getting on a boat to the island.

The sun always comes out for a few hours every day. So I was able to ride around the city and go hang out on some of the nicer beaches such as Otres. But those dark clouds roll in quick so be ready to take cover at any time.

Everything is a bit slow in rainy season. Not many tourists. Hardly anyone on the beach. Many bars in the square were actually closed. But there is still some fun to be had. Prices are lower. The weather is cooler. I actually stayed in a room with no fan, only AC. And I didn’t turn it on once. Just keep this in mind if you’re planning a trip. Rainy Season usually runs from June to October.

Internet Speeds in Sihanoukville

The internet was surprisingly good during my stay in Sihanoukville. Not sure if they made some improvements in the last few years but I was able to work online in my hotel and in several restaurants. Uploading, downloading, long Skype calls, watching the McGreggor / Mayweather fight on youtube. No problems at all. Two years ago the internet was unusable. It would take ages just for a simple webpage to load. Maybe I was just unlucky back then but I’m happy to report that Sihanoukville is just fine for digital nomads.

Chinese in Cambodia

One thing that caught my attention was the amount of Chinese in Sihanoukville. They’re everywhere. Signs and menus are in Chinese. They’re hanging out on the beaches with their families. New buildings are going up everywhere and all the writing is in Chinese. It seems they’re buying the place up.

A lot of people complain about the Chinese in South East Asia but I’ve never had a problem with them. They’re not any worse than the other Asians. In fact one night I went to a beer bar. Two Chinese guys came in and they were cool as fuck. Civilized, friendly. They obviously had money. Buying everyone rounds of drinks and food. Hey they’re ok people in my book.


I like Sihanoukville and I could see myself living there long term. It’s got a real laid back rural vibe. Some places around town you really feel like you’re in the countryside. But there are plenty of bars, restaurants, casinos, markets, etc to keep you entertained. It’s a good balanced lifestyle. Whether you’re a health nut or a total degenerate, Snooky has something for you.

The city is dirt fucking cheap to live. Cheap apartments and houses are plentiful. Easy visa. Hundreds of restaurants serving cuisine from all over the globe. Khmer food is banging. Lot’s of good western food around. Kampot, Bokor Mountain and Kep nearby for short road trips.

I need to go back and see those islands at some point. I hear the Chinese are going to build an airport, golf course and shopping malls there. Great…. I need to get there before they destroy the place. Maybe on my next visa run. I see they have direct flights from HCMC to SNV now. We shall see.

Another day in Paradise.