This morning I woke up to another sunny day in Vietnam. Still blurry eyed, I rolled over and grabbed my iPhone. I hit the home button to check the time. I see this text on my home screen…

I’m pregnant.

Of course this got my attention right away. I bolted upright and unlocked my phone. It was from my sexy little spinner. I wrote about her in this post. Cliffs: She’s a whore but I love her. That pussy is A+.

Now for those of you who don’t know, I got a vasectomy. Also, this girl has a serious long term boyfriend. For these reasons I was feeling stress free. However… There is that tiny feeling of, could my vasectomy have failed? Could it be mine? It’s not likely, but it’s possible…

Maybe I’ve been dropping so many loads in the past year that I blew out my stitches and my vas deferens reconnected themselves??? No way… Impossible. I have faith in my doctor. He’s Thai god damn it! They are masters of genital surgery.

I asked her “does your boyfriend finish inside you?”

She said “he has a few times.”

I said, “well darling, that’s how babies are made!”

She said “it’s either yours or his, I don’t know.”

Reading this text made my stomach turn even though I’m confident it’s not mine. I said, “it’s not mine. 100% sure!”

She said she was on her way to the doctor. She had just taken the home pregnancy test this morning and now she was going to see the doctor for more info.


It’s noon now. She sent me a picture of her sonogram and said she is seven weeks pregnant. Incredible! This was a relief because the first time I met her was about one month ago. Which means… She was pregnant the whole time I was banging her! 🙁

Crazy. This girl is so tiny and slim. She actually needs to gain weight… I had no idea she was pregnant. No bump or anything. She was only six weeks pregnant last time I saw her so I guess there wouldn’t be much of a bump there.

She said she is not ready to be a mother… She is sad and scared. YIKES! Me too… And it’s not even my problem. 🙁

I asked if she told her boyfriend. She said yes of course! He wants to keep it and get married… She says she’s just not ready… Yeah no shit! Obviously she’s not done having her fun.

She said she will take medicine and get an abortion. WOW… That’s some heavy shit. She is upset and I understand. I’m sure that is a lot for a young lady to deal with.

A part of me feels bad for the guy too. He’s been with this girl for five plus years and he’s ready to settle down with her… Obviously, she has other feelings. Having the love of your life say “NO I don’t want to marry you and I’m killing our child” must be a major blow.

That’s the type of situation that could end a relationship. I know I would resent her for it. Never mind  the six loads I’ve pumped into her in the past month… But that’s our dirty little secret. 😉

Lesson Learned

Several of my readers have talked about going bare back with girls out here. I just want to tell you guys to BE CAREFUL! I know it’s funny getting lectured by some guy who cream pies a new skank every week… But you know, I got the snip.

STD’s are a very real concern, but remember you could also get a girl pregnant out here. That’s more complicated then a case of the clap. You don’t want any bastard children out here… And there’s nothing fun about dragging some random girl to the clinic and paying for an abortion. That’s not the kind of thing I want on my resume.

The Good News

A part of me is happy that she will not be having a baby. This means she will keep her tight little body and I can enjoy her pussy for a while longer. I have mixed feelings about fucking married women and women with boyfriends… But I do it.

I draw the line at pregnant women. No thanks! I’m kind of creeped out that I was fucking a pregnant girl this whole time… But it’s not like she was big swollen belly pregnant.

I told you this girls pussy is A+. Even her man can’t resist blowing inside. Hopefully she gets this situation taken care of and comes out OK in the end. She’s a “bad girl” but I do care about her health and well being. And I would like to slow stroke that tight snapper for a few more months.

Another day in paradise…