I recently took a short beach holiday to Subic Bay Philippines. It’s a small town just 1.5 hours south of Angeles City. Subic might be one of the most underrated retirement destinations in south east Asia. But is it Single Man’s Paradise? Let’s get into the review.

Subic Bay, Philippines – Women Rating 3/5

Subic is a small, somewhat rural place. So you won’t have a huge amount of women around compared to Manila or even Angeles City. The women you do meet will be somewhat average looking, and that’s putting it kindly. I think most hot girls move out of the provinces to seek job opportunities in the bigger cities. Therefore you’re left with the scraps.

But of course, it’s still the Philippines. So wherever there are people there will be some cute women around. Personally, I don’t need 10,000 whores living down the street from me. As long as there are some cute girls around for dating plus some decent mongering options then I’m a happy man. Subic Bay has enough to keep me occupied. 🙂

Dating Good Girls in Subic Bay, Philippines

Take advantage of technology. It’s easy and free to sign up for Filipino Cupid or Pina Love and search for girls online. The main city down in Subic Bay is called Olongapo. There weren’t thousands of girls online, but there were plenty of cute prospects when I did my search.

I also went to a few of the beach resorts around Barrio Barretto and I saw quite a few cute waitresses working in those places. So if you wanted to meet a nice girl to have a relationship with, I’m sure you can find one in Subic Bay. It won’t be easy as Manila, but you can find some pussy there for sure.

Mongering in Subic Bay, Philippines

One great thing about Subic is there are mongering options available. All the action is along the main road in Barrio Barreto. There’s about ten or so GoGo bars lined up along this road.

Now don’t get your hopes up… The quality is way worse than what you will find in Angeles. But I still met several hot chicks working in the bars. The best bar I found was “Office Bar.” Lot’s of cute chicks and a fun atmosphere.

Mongering is Cheap in Subic!

Another good thing about the bars in Subic Bay is they’re cheaper than Angeles City. The bar fine in Subic is only 2,000 pesos and that includes sex. You pay the bar 2k and that’s it. About $40 USD to pull from a GoGo Bar. Not too bad.

Office Bar was a pretty wild scene too. Most of these places were absolutely dead inside so when you walk in the girls are VERY excited to get your attention. I bought one chick a lady drink and she gave me the longest, most aggressive lap dance of my life. And I was right in front of the stage with all eyes on us.

She was twerking her ass on me. Kissing my neck. Had her tits out and I was feeling on them. She spun around and started riding me reverse cow girl as I spanked her ass. She was stroking my cock so hard over my pants I actually told her to stop it before I shoot my wad right there in my trousers. I ended up leaving the place with snail trails on my crotch where she was grinding on me. Fun times. 😀

There’s a popular night club in Olongapo called “Nocturnal.” Apparently this is like the High Society Club of Olongapo. It’s packed with both good girls and hookers every night. Just be warned, this place is CLOSED on Monday and Tuesday. So when I went on those nights the place was closed.

I showed up at 11:00PM on Wednesday night and they were open. But I was the only one there! Security said people start showing up at midnight. Damn, so the Nocturnal name is fitting here. I was leaving early the next morning so I said fuck that and went back to my resort to chill. Maybe I’m getting old? Who knows.

Subic is a quiet place. I might even call it countryside compared to Angeles City which is a small town itself. So you can’t expect a lot of mongering options. But there’s enough to keep me occupied. Solid 3/5.

Cost of Living Rating – Subic Bay, Philippines – 4/5

Subic is cheap. I already touched on the mongering prices. But I also saw furnished apartments starting at less than $200 USD per month. That’s in a clean, safe area. Pretty good deal.

I stayed at Blue Rock Resort. It was ok. A bit dated like everything else in the area. But it’s directly on the beach which was great. Decent restaurant and bar there too. There’s also a floating bar which is fun. I was sitting there watching the sunset over the bay with a cold beer in hand. Now this is why I came to the Philippines. 🙂

There’s several of these floating bars along the beach. The one at Treasure Island resort happened to be more fun. There are working girls on these floating bars and you can bar fine them. They were fun to hang out with but I wouldn’t fuck these pug monkeys for free. You’re better off finding talent in one of the GoGos.

The only hassle is getting to Subic because there’s no flights there. But even transportation is cheap with different bus services running from Angeles to Subic and back. I took the bus and it was quick, cheap and easy. There’s also buses available to take you to Manila.

Quality of Life Rating – Subic Bay, Philippines 4/5

Quality of life is good in Subic. You have everything you need there. Beaches, shopping malls, nightlife, decent accommodation. The freeport zone is basically like living in America. It’s clean, safe and there’s no pollution. No trikes or jeepneys are allowed inside. There’s security guards everywhere and strict traffic enforcement. Everyone stops at stop signs. It’s funny, because as soon as you drive out of the freeport zone the streets are pure chaos again.

Subic Bay is a big spread out area. You have the Subic freeport zone. Not much going on there but there’s plenty of big houses for rent. It’s a bit run down from its glory days but it still feels like first world living. My only issue with the place is you’re a bit isolated from the action. Living there would require having your own transportation. A car, motorcycle or motorbike. I found the freeport zone to be a bit boring and sterile. But don’t worry. The “real” Philippines is right outside the gate.

Once you leave the freeport zone you are in Olongapo. This is a normal Filipino city. There’s traffic, noise, jeepneys, pollution, SM Mall and plenty of cute chikas roaming around.

Down the street even further is Barrio Barreto. This is where you will see most foreigners. All the GoGo bars are located in Barreto and several of the beach resorts are there. I stayed at “Blue Rock Resort” which is directly on the beach. I could walk from the beach to the GoGo bars in less than five minutes. Now that’s pretty sweet! 😀

Subic loses a point here because it’s just a bit too quiet for my taste. But you might like it. I think a good strategy would be living in Angeles City and just visiting Subic on the weekends to chill on the beach and get some fresh air.

Or maybe you would prefer living in Subic and just visiting Angeles a few times a month to go crazy on Walking Street. That’s actually one strategy I’m considering. Apartments are cheap enough that you could rent a place in both locations and just travel back and forth whenever you want.

A bus only costs 350 pesos and takes 1.5 hours. Or you could do it on a motorcycle in even less time than that. That plan might work for me.


Women 3/5

Cost of Living 4/5

Quality of Life 4/5

Subic Bay, Philippines – Single Man’s Paradise Rating 11/15

Subic is not the most happening place in the Philippines. But it makes a great weekend getaway from Angeles or Manila. Just cold beers and rest and relaxation on the beach. At this point in my life I need more action in a location. But I enjoyed my time there and I will certainly visit again. Who knows, I might even rent a little weekend hideout there. We shall see.

Another day in paradise…