In case you were unaware, I AM the Brockstar and I lived in Taiwan for a good 4 months teaching English. I did NOT actually live in Taipei itself, I lived in New Taipei City. To give you an idea, think of a donut; the donut itself is New Taipei City, the donut hole is Taipei. So, basically, Taipei is completely surrounded by New Taipei City. Taipei is the capital of Taiwan and the Northern most city, where as Kaiochung is the big city in the South.

Taipei, Taiwan – Woman Rating 3.5/5


I’m not gonna bullshit you, Taiwanese women are very attractive! So what’s with the 3.5 rating you ask? Well the truth is Taiwanese women, and actually a majority of the Taiwanese people, are very straight-laced. From a sexual standpoint, Taiwanese women are very conservative. Yes, they flirt and will give you hints of sluttiness, but it’s all an act. I’m not shitting in you in saying that one time I was out with a chick who sincerely became upset with me because I encourage her to jaywalk (no shit!).

If you’re looking for hook ups, then you’re gonna have to put in A LOT of work. If you want a girlfriend, well that’s a different story. I’ve seen some dorky looking white dudes hand-in-hand with some cute Taiwanese ladies. You can try joining Asian Dating to chat with some beautiful ladies in Taiwan.


On a positive note, almost ALL Taiwanese chicks that will be open to dating your foreign ass will speak pretty good English and will be well traveled. Taiwan was the first place I had been in Asia where a majority of the women I met had been abroad to some Western country and some even studied Uni there.

Aside from Taiwanese women there are a good number of Western women there as well. Most of these fair damsels are a bit on the homely side and a majority of them carry their Western born sense of entitlement with them. Don’t let that get you down though, because as far as foreign meat goes, white ladies aren’t the only thing on the menu!

Believe it or not, there are a slew of small Central American countries that recognize the Republic of China (Taiwan’s official title) as a sovereign nation and Taiwan pays thanks to these countries by letting their people study in Taiwan (at the University level) FREE. The only chick I fucked while living in Taiwan was actually from Belize!

Taipei, Taiwan – Cost of Living Rating 4/5

If I had to compare Taipei’s cost of living to another Asian city, I’d choose Bangkok. If you live by Taipei 101, think of living between Asok and Soi Nana on Sukhumvit or off Silom (yes, where Pat Pong is). If you live in New Taipei City, think living in Bang Kapi or out by the river.

The biggest difference about living in greater Taipei area as opposed to living in Bangkok is that the public transportation system is WAAAAY better. It reaches out further than the bts and mrt in BKK does, not to mention that traffic is no where near as bad as anything you’ll see in SEA so taking a bus is not necessarily a bad thing. If you want a bike, roads are much safer so you have that option as well.

The biggest difference betweeen living/working in Taipei than in BKK is the salary you make. In Taiwan I made 60,000 (New Taiwanese dollars), which at the time of writing this is 65,552 (Thai Baht). I lived off about 20,000/month, I think the most you would need to spend is 40,000. So yeah you can easily save about 20,000/month, which is about $600 (USD). While there, I was very focused on making $ so I saved about 40K and lived off 20K.

A stong piece of advice I can give you is befriend a Taiwanese girl, even if she’s ugly so she can help you find a cheap apartment. The biggest site in Taiwan for find a place is , but it’s ALL in Chinese so unless you can read Chinese you’ll need someone who can OR you can go to (think of the foreigner version of Craigslist in Taiwan).


Taipei, Taiwan – Quality of Life Rating 3/5

OK, the biggest knock on Taipei is that it’s kind of boring. Yes there are farang bars and clubs, but they aren’t cheap and are spread out all over the city. If I were to rate Taipei solely on sleaze I’d give it a 1. If you want p4p options, you can either go the e$$$$$$cort route or you can go for older women who all go to a bar called Carnegies (there’s also a location in Hong Kong) where all the middle-aged, farang businessmen go. The only other option won’t be open to you, unless you are Japanese. They have their own little part of the city where there are a good number Japanese style hostess bars and if you are familiar with the Japanese, typically aren’t open to serving foreigners.

So yeah, the mongering sucks. Your options are extremely limited and pricey. The “good girls” in Taipei, typically are the goody two-shoes types. So unless you are just that damn good with “game” and/or don’t mind putting in a lot of time to get some nooky, having a girlfriend is your best option. If you are a relationship kind of guy, then you will probably like Taipei a lot more than I did. For the record, at this point in my life I’m a monger first kinda guy….even if I may not look like it.

Everything else aside, Taipei is actually quite modern. Unlike in China, the internet speeds are good, there’s no cencorship, the people are typically traveled, educated and polite.You will have all the Western restaurants you could ever want. There are great hiking/biking trails to go on if you are the out-doorsy type. Add in the great public transportation system and not so bad traffic, getting around the city is quite easy.



Women; 3.5/5

Cost of Living; 4/5

Quality of Life; 3/5

Taipei, Tawain – Single Man’s Paradise Rating 10.5/15

At the end of the day, it’s actually VERY EASY to be a foreinger living and working in Taiwan. You will be paid well teaching English, have accesss to modern amenities all while saving a good amount of what you make. That being said, if you’re looking for a Single Man’s Paradise, I’d give Taipei a pass. If I had summarize Taipei with one word, it’d be VANILLA and that’s not what guys like us want. You can have vanilla living in Iowa or Stockholm, boooring. I think Taipei is a much better place for women who want to live/work abroad than it is a guy looking for pussy paradise.