Thailand is the perfect definition of Single Man’s Paradise. Warm weather, low cost of living and an abundance of beautiful young Thai ladies makes it the perfect place for a Single Man to live. Bangkok is a fascinating city and it’s the undisputed champion when it comes to shopping and nightlife in South East Asia.

That said, I’m not interested in living in Bangkok anymore. It’s fun in small doses but I really prefer living close to the beach. Thailand is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and the island lifestyle is amazing! Fresh fruit and seafood on the beach. Cheap massages all over the place. Rockin nightlife and plenty of day time adventures to keep you busy. I love island life!

After visiting all of the major islands in Thailand I have picked my three favorites. There are many beautiful islands but if I were to live on one for a long time it would have to be one of the big three…

#3. Koh Chang

Koh Chang is the largest island in Thailand but it’s also the least developed on this list. Koh Chang is beautiful and laid back. Much of the island is a national park so it’s just undeveloped jungle. There are countless site seeing and outdoor adventure activities to keep you busy when you’re not relaxing on one of the beautiful beaches. Koh Chang is also surrounded by several smaller islands that are great for diving, snorkeling or just day trips island hopping.

The nightlife is a bit dull in Koh Chang but there is enough to keep a man busy. There are several bars and restaurants along white sand beach where you can find some action. Also worth mentioning is the small complex of beer bars on the main road south of White Sand Beach. Of course, Koh Chang can’t compete with the more developed islands as far as the ladies go… but you shouldn’t have any problem finding some female company any time of the day.

Koh Chang is perfect for someone who enjoys peace and quiet. It’s a relaxed place and it still has that rugged island charm while still being comfortable enough to live. Read my full review of Koh Chang, Thailand.

#2. Phuket

Phuket is the most developed Island in Thailand. It’s also the most popular with tourists. For good reasons… Phuket fuckin rocks! The island is gorgeous and the nightlife is simply incredible. A Single Man can have the time of his life running around Bangla Road. That one street alone is PACKED with more sexy bar girls then you could handle in a life time.

Phuket has it all and I consider it a must see for everyone visiting Thailand. Rockin nightlife, beautiful beaches, endless adventure activities, shopping opportunities, fine dining, live music, boxing, water sports. You name it, you can find it in Phuket!

Also you are very close to Koh Phi Phi islands and some of the worlds greatest beaches. Phuket is a great place to live. If you have some cash and you want to live in absolute Single Man’s Paradise then Phuket might be the best choice on the planet. Read my full review of Phuket, Thailand.

#1. Ko Samui

Finally we get to my top pick of the group. Ko Samui! After spending time traveling all over Thailand, I keep coming back to Ko Samui. In my opinion Ko Samui has everything I look for in a destination. It has more nightlife and entertainment options then Koh Chang while still being more rugged and undeveloped then Phuket. It strikes that perfect balance for me and that makes it my favorite place to live in Thailand. I enjoy adventure and unspoiled beaches just as much as I love bar hopping and hanging with the ladies. Ko Samui has it all!

I also love Koh Phangan and Ko Tao. These are my other favorite islands in Thailand. While I wouldn’t live there long term, I love visiting each for a week at a time. These islands are a short ferry ride away from Ko Samui which is great for a small side trip. I think the islands in the southern gulf of Thailand offer the most options for travelers. Head to Koh Phangan for a laid back island vibe and raging beach parties. Stay on Ko Tao for some of the worlds best scuba diving. Live on Ko Samui if you enjoy island life but need some more modern amenities and infrastructure.

Ko Samui has shopping malls, theaters, gyms, an immigration office, several hospitals and plenty of nightlife options. You have all the comforts you could ever ask for without feeling like a small city. Read my full review of Ko Samui, Thailand.

I love traveling and spending time in big cities… However, nothing beats island life! It’s such a great feeling to wake up in the morning and take a short stroll to the beach. Enjoy a fresh coconut while you listen to the sound of crashing waves. This is Paradise! 🙂

That’s the beauty of Living in Thailand. Whatever lifestyle you are looking for can be found in the “Land of Smiles.” I hope this list helped you get an understanding of the best islands in Thailand. Pick one and visit for a month… Or forever. You wont regret it! 🙂