What’s up Guys!

Today I want to talk about a very important topic… Safe sex. I rarely rubber up these days… But if it’s a really shagged out drug addict whore then I will reluctantly reach for the condoms. But you should always practice safe sex… Do as I say, not as I do. 😉

God damn condoms suck. It’s like gods cruel joke on us men. This day and age I’m amazed we don’t have the science available to prevent / cure all STDs. Can’t they invent some shit I can spray on my dick after I bone these skanks that will quickly kill off all infections?

I already got snipped to prevent accidental pregnancies but now I have to worry about HIV. 🙁 I would gladly throw $1,000 at some doctor to prevent that nightmare as well but still no vaccine yet. Oh well, I digress…

The fact is, condoms are a necessary evil for us single men. You need to have some on hand ready to deploy at a moments notice. You never know when you are going to stumble upon a filthy bar girl who needs to get her pussy drilled.

I highly recommend keeping a few condoms in your pocket when you go out drinking or on a date with a cutie you met on Asian Dating. You never know what’s going to happen here in Asia and I’ve had sex at some random times in some random places. You don’t want stop things to run to the store… And you don’t want to bare back the wrong chick, so stay prepared.

Stock Up Before Your Trip

First up, if you have a favorite brand of condoms then I suggest you stock up and bring some with you when you travel to Asia. Most of your favorite brands from the west will be unavailable or very hard to find out here.

The stereo type is that Asians have small cocks and it must be true because all of the condoms here are super small… Even the familiar brands such as Trojans and Durex are super snug. They’re uncomfortable and downright dangerous because they will snap easy.

If you’re out here in Asia and you run out of the rubbers, then I highly recommend Durex Comfort Condoms.

Durex Condoms Thailand

The Durex Comfort Condoms are readily available in Thailand at every 7/11. Durex is a trusted brand and the “comfort” type is designed for farang sized cocks. Just a few millimeters makes a huge difference in my opinion.

Also, they are sufficiently lubricated and have the baggy tip which makes things much more comfortable. I’m not packing meat like a porn star… I’m on the strong side of average, but it’s got a head like a corn muffin. That baggy tip is critical for comfort. 😀

Other Options

I’ve done a lot of research about condoms… Both reading on the web and trying on myself. Most popular brands are over rated in my opinion. Okamoto, Crown, Beyond Seven, all that Jap shit is super thin but also super tight and dry.

Some I couldn’t even roll half way on. Shit is ridiculous. Durex “Extra Sensitive” are the best condoms in America and the Durex “Comfort” are the best condoms in Asia. I suspect they are the same thing with different labels.

Check out these insane deals on Amazon.com! $25 for a 100 pack with free shipping??! That’s incredible and I would order that in a second if I wasn’t traveling in rural Vietnam right now. In Asia you can only buy small packs and they aren’t cheap!

Buy Some Good Lube

This isn’t sex ed class… But here’s another important tip. Be sure to pick up some quality lube before your sexual adventures.

I already broke a condom in a Pattaya Hooker and that was a frightening experience. A quality lube would have saved the day.

These days they make little packets of lube that can easily fit in your pocket. It’s not a bad idea to pack a little “mongers kit” when you go out. Three rubbers, a small packet of lube and some mints.

Or, you can just spit on your cock, bare back the whore and breathe your beer breath in her face. I don’t give a shit what you do, it’s just a suggestion. 😉

OK I’ll leave it at that. All joking aside, we should all practice safe sex unless we are with a steady girlfriend who we screened for STDs.

We all love some good pussy but if you get herpes or HIV it ruin your sex life forever. Not cool… Stay safe guys.