For the past few years I have been searching for the best men’s underwear money can buy. When I got serious about fitness I quickly realized that my cheap crusty cotton boxers just weren’t the quality I needed. Also, since I’ve been living in Thailand I can tell you just walking 100 yards in Bangkok will leave you sweaty and disgusting. Wearing some soggy boxers while out on a date is a sure way to cramp your style.

Over sized cotton boxers ride up, bind and absorb sweat. When working out at the gym I was constantly adjusting the wad of soaking wet fabric I had jammed in my shorts. Not cool. Plus they wear out and rip easily so I was replacing them several times a year.

I tried all of the major brands of “performance underwear” on the market. I did my research and bought several pairs of each to test and evaluate. Some of these are pretty expensive with all the high tech fabric they use. Several years later I have a clear winner. It is…

Under Armour Original Series 6″ Boxer Jock

under armour orignal boxerjock

Click HERE for current prices.

You can buy them through that link for under $20 each with free shipping. Trust me they are worth every penny and since I switched from my cheap cotton boxers to the Under Armour Boxer Jocks it’s like a whole new world! It was like going from my old flip phone to my first iPhone. I’m an idiot for not doing it sooner!

These Under Armour Boxer Jocks are superior to cotton boxer shorts because they hug your body and become like a second skin. There is no riding up or shifting around. The material is extremely stretchy and they do not absorb sweat. Whether you are hiking Mount Everest or just hitting the club for a night out these will keep you dry and comfortable.

I don’t like tight ass clothing that constricts my movement. These are snug but they are not tight and uncomfortable. They give your junk proper support without choking the life out of you.

Here are a few important tips.

1. Buy the original Boxer Jock. If you go on the Under Armour Website your head will explode there are so many options. They have different fabrics with mesh and some without the fly in the crotch etc. Skip all this nonsense. The original Boxer Jock is perfect. It’s their best work trust me I’ve tried them all.

2. Buy the 6″ Boxer Jocks. They also offer models with 3″ and 9″ legs. I’ve tried them and I don’t like them at all. The 9″ cover more skin and they are too hot. The 3″ ride up on the legs. The original 6″ is perfect.

3. BUY A SIZE TOO BIG! Important: These run small. See the size chart below. I have a 34-36 waste and the large are too small for me. The XL is perfect. Other reviewers on Amazon noted this as well. Look at your size and buy the next one bigger.

WAIST: Measure around your natural waistline—right above your hips. Be careful not to squeeze too tight to allow a little give.
Waist (in)
SM 28-29
MD 30-32
LG 34-36
XL 38-40
XXL 42-44
3XL 44-46
4XL 46-48
5XL 48-50
Waist (cm)
SM 71.1-73.7
MD 76.2-81.3
LG 86.4-91.4
XL 96.5-101.6
XXL 106.7-111.8
3XL 111.8-116.8
4XL 116.8-121.9
5XL 121.9-127




I recommend you buy a few pairs just to try them out. If you like them you can go back and buy a complete set. I have several pairs that are over two years old and they are just as good as the day I bought them. I can’t even tell them apart from my new ones besides the different tag. My cotton boxers would disintegrate after four months. Even the other high end performance brands started to come apart and show wear. Under Armour Boxer Jocks are the real deal! My test of Men’s underwear has been concluded and I now own twelve pairs of these Under Armour Boxer Jocks in black.

I know $20 for a pair of men’s underwear may seem like a lot but trust me, this is one of the greatest investments you will make in your lifetime. We are talking about a piece of fabric that will be hugging your balls for 20+ hours a day. Your boys deserve the best! Give them a try and please buy them through my link. It is an affiliate link which means I will be paid 4% on every purchase made but I promise you… I would never promote a product I am not serious about. I personally only wear this one type of underwear. They are the best on the market. I love them and I’m sure you will too!