Last night was quite the adventure. I’ve been chatting with this gorgeous chick on Vietnam Cupid for the past few weeks. She is quite possibly the hottest chick I’ve ever met in Asia. No joke. She is SMOKING HOT. Easily a 10/10. She also has the nicest bubble butt I’ve ever encountered in all my travels.

However, this chick was being extremely flakey. Not surprising considering she looks like a model. I’m sure she has more options than she can handle.

Flakey Bitch Story

I invited her out for drinks and she agreed. I chose a well known cafe in the middle of the city and we agreed to meet there at 8pm. I showed up on time and ordered a drink for myself.

Fifteen minutes later I text her that I’m here waiting and she says “sorry I had to do something. Wait for me.”

OK so I ordered another cocktail and waited… Another twenty minutes went by and I text her again. “Are you coming here?”

She texts me back, “Sorry!”

“Ok… So does that mean you’re not coming?” I asked.

She told me her “mother had a problem and she needed to help her…” Yeah right. What a rude cunt.

It took a lot of self control to not call her a stupid fucking gook and then block her number. I just took a deep breathe and put my phone away. Oh well who cares. I’m getting better at controlling my anger these days.

Never Give Up

So last night she texts me “hi.” Typical lazy text. No substance to it. Can’t even capitalize the H. At this point I’m thinking fuck this high maintenance flakey cunt. I don’t care how hot she is, I’m not putting up with her bullshit.

So we start chatting a bit and she apologized for leaving me waiting for her the other night. I accepted her apology and I asked if she wanted to meet for a drink. She said she was lazy and she wanted to stay home tonight.

She sent me a picture of herself laying in bed. I said “Ok you stay home. I will come over.”

To my surprise, she said “ok” and sent me her address.

I thought she was joking or maybe it’s a set up? Fuck it, it’s worth a shot right? I said cool I’ll be there at 8pm.

I showed up at her address on time and she was waiting for me in the lobby. We took the elevator up to her room and I was shocked. She lives in a beautiful high rise condo with city views. Some real luxurious shit. All brand new, spacious, glass walls and marble counters. What the fuck. I don’t know the rent in this place but it must be at least $1,000 USD per month.

I asked her if she lives alone and she said yes. Hmm… Interesting. Somebody must be paying her bills but I didn’t pry into it. None of my business.

She looked so fucking good I wanted to pounce on her like a hungry tiger. I didn’t waste much time before making my move. We were hanging out on the couch watching TV and I pulled her close to me.

We were cuddling a bit then I leaned in for the kiss. I took it slow. I didn’t want to fuck things up by jamming my tongue down her throat right away. We were kissing for a moment when her phone rang.

She jumped off the couch to go answer it. She had a quick chat in Vietnamese and hung up.

“My friend is coming.” She said.

“Your friend is coming here? Now?”

“Yes. She is very sad. She’s fighting with her boyfriend and she wants to go out tonight.” She said.

What. The. Fuck.

Cock block of the century! Here I am alone with this hottie, in her ballin ass condo about to get freaky when her fucking friend shows up.

I grabbed her in my arms and kissed her some more until the doorbell rang. Then in walks the friend. Another very cute Vietnamese girl. OK I guess this isn’t so bad…

I stood up and introduced myself to little miss cock block. Then they start squawking at each other in their horrible language.

“We want to go out for dinner and drink something. You want to go with us?” She asked me.

“Sure… We can do that.” I said.

In my head I was thinking FUCK THIS! I’m about to bail. I know this game. I’m going out to dinner and drinks with two broads who are going to talk to each other in Vietnamese and take selfies for three hours.

I’m going to sit there like a dummy drinking over priced cocktails. Then I’m going to get stuck with the bill and go home alone. Which means $100 worth of over priced drinks and no sex. Hell no. I’ve done it in the past and I’ve learned from my mistakes!

They started discussing places to go and they were suggesting all these high end roof top places. WTF… They must think they have a sucker here! I was feeling defensive for some reason.

I was seriously planning on leaving them alone for their little girls night out. I would try again another night. But in the end, I agreed to go. Fuck it. I’ll go have a few drinks with these two smoking hot broads. Why not.

So we arrive at the bar and order some drinks. They start ordering some appetizers and talking to each other in Vietnamese. They began taking selfies and pictures of their drinks and food for Facebook. Everything was going exactly as I imagined it would. I considered leaving after a few drinks but I hung in there until the end.

Finally it came time to pay the bill. It wasn’t much so I figured fuck it I’ll be a gentleman and pick it up. My chick quickly grabbed the bill from me and slaps a visa card inside.

“Don’t worry I got it.” I said.

“No I invite you. I will pay.” She said.

“Well at least let me share.” I said as I tried handing her some cash.

“No it’s ok. I invite you so I pay.” She said.

I was surprised by this. I was sure I was dealing with a gold digger here. Her luxury condo, new iPhone 7 plus, a visa card. I was positive she is used to being pampered like a princess. But no, she quickly paid the entire bill.

We went outside and said our goodbyes. I didn’t want to try and pull this chick back to my place with her friend there watching. I know from experience that girls can get uncomfortable about that.

The girls got into a taxi and I jumped on my motorbike. I drove to another nearby bar and ordered a beer.

I immediately pulled out my phone and sent the broad a text. “I want to see you more. Let’s meet now.”

She text me back “I’m tired. I just want to sleep.”

I said “I want to talk with you more in private. We didn’t really get a chance to talk because your friend was there.”

She said “OK you can come over for a little while.”


I drove back over to her place. Her cock blocking friend was long gone and it was just her wearing a little black nighty. Her long white legs were exposed and her bubble butt was poking out the back of her skirt. Oh my god… She looked delicious. Like a Vanilla sunday. I wanted to devour her.

I sat on the bed and put her on my lap. My boner was digging into her ass cheek and I couldn’t stand it anymore. This chick was making me crazy.

“What did you want to talk about?” She asked.

“I like you. I want to see you more.” I said.

Then she got into the whole “Why you like me? My english is no good!” Blah blah blah.

I interrupted her rambling by sticking my tongue in her mouth. I was gripping her bubble butt as I made out with her.

Then I laid her on the bed and started kissing my way down her her pussy. She giggled and said no… Then she rolled over on her stomach. What a treat!

I lifted up her nighty and pulled her panties down. I dove nose first right into her ass. I started licking her from her clit to ass crack. She seemed to really enjoy it. I know I did! 😛

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I spent a few moments just looking at her pussy and gently spanking her ass cheeks. A work of art. It’s a fucking work of art! I wanted to snap a picture of it, blow it up, frame it and hang it on my wall so I will always remember this moment in my life. To me, this is better than any diploma or trophy. 😀

I sucked that pussy for a good twenty minutes before jamming my rod in her. I had the perfect amount of alcohol in me. I could perform like a champ, but hold out as long as I wanted. I was a machine!

I was drilling her like a porn star in every position. It was spectacular. The neighbors must have heard us. I hoped they did. I wanted to open the god damn windows and share my joy with the entire world.

After a while she stared saying “dau qua” which means very painful. I suspect I’m the first white guy to smash her guts because she kept saying “very big!” Finally I sauced her snapper and rolled off. Cream pie complete.

I ended up going another round on her about an hour later. She was in pain so I had to take it easy. After I blew, I showered and got dressed. She looked angry. She wanted me to stay the night with her so I agreed. Well damn, that nice ass condo… I’d move in if she let me. 😀

I woke up in the morning to a beautiful view of the city. She was laying in bed next to me and I gently pulled the covers off her.

There it was. That tan bubble butt. God took his time when he created that thing. It’s perfect. The shape. The texture. The complexion. The perfect amount of booty meat. No stretch marks, but big enough to grab a few handfuls while you’re drilling her from the back.

I climbed on and slipped it in. She was still half asleep. She seemed annoyed but I didn’t care. I pumped away on that beautiful ass. My breathe stank and my head pounded from the hang over.

She started complaining again, “Dau qua, very big. Dau qua.”

Well it feels good for me honey! 😀 But I didn’t want to completely destroy her uterus so I made it a quickie. I unloaded in her and rolled off.

I walked over to the huge glass windows in her room. I was butt ass naked looking down on the city. She laid in bed looking at me, with my seed dripping out of her. It sounds funny but I will always cherish that memory. It’s something I will think back on when I’m an old man in a rocking chair. 🙂

I’ve been living in Asia for a while now. Close to five years! Crazy how time flies. It’s been quite the journey. I’ve had some highs and lows. Some days I get annoyed by certain aspects of expat life.

However, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. My biggest regret is not moving overseas sooner. When my friends and family ask me “when are coming home?”

I say, “I am home.”

Another day in paradise…