I hate to keep ranting about how Asian women are flakey but I must get this story off my chest…

I’ve been dating a new girl I met on Vietnam Cupid. This girl is really hot… Short, slim, nice plump lips, perky handful tits, gorgeous face. She seems to be a good girl despite having a few shitty tattoos. That’s always a red flag to me but from what I can tell thus far she is not a cock sucking whore.

We have been on three dates already and things were going well. She doesn’t drink, she doesn’t like to party, she hates noisy places and she flat out refused to visit my home the few times I invited her.

It’s looking like she could be a potential girlfriend. She’s sweet and very sexy. But she’s very quiet… I would even say she is a bit boring at times. Maybe it’s the slight language barrier.

When we are on a date she will just sit there with an expressionless face and stares off into outer space… I even asked her several times, are you ok??? Maybe she has something on her mind? Maybe she’s on medication? Who knows… I get this way myself at times, but I still manage to have a conversation when I’m on a date.

When we text she always gives me those annoying one word answers. I’ll say hi how was your day? She will respond “good.” Or my biggest pet peeve… When I ask her a question and she responds “oh.”

What the FUCK does “oh” mean? I’ve gotten this response from several girls. Maybe some Vietnamese girls who are reading this can tell me. I will say hey would you like to have lunch? Then she will respond “oh.” I’m thinking BITCH you need to say YES or NO ok??!

I know what you’re thinking… Dude she’s just not into you. Let her go! But here’s the deal… The past two times we have met it was her idea! I didn’t text her at all. She texts me and asks if I want to meet up. She must be interested in me on some level, although she has strange way of showing it at times.

And it’s not like she’s trying to milk me for a nice dinner or anything. We eat at cheap road side places in the hood. She even tries to pay for us until I strong arm the bill away from her.

The Flake That Topped All Flakes

Today I was minding my own business when she calls me and asks if I want to go exercise together. I told her I often go running in the park and that she could join me sometime. Today she asked if we could go together and I agreed.

She said she would meet me at my house then we could ride together on my bike. I’m patiently waiting and of course she’s 30 minutes late. Finally she calls me and right away she says “I have a problem, come outside.” OK…

I get outside and without a smile or a greeting she says “I’m sorry I have to go home now! I have to do something! Can you drive me home now?” I reluctantly said OK… We get on my bike and I battle my way across the city in rush hour traffic.

I get to her house and she jumps off the bike. “OK thank you! Bye!”

I said, “so is that it? Do you want to meet later or what?” She said “oh no sorry tonight I am busy! I have some work to do.”

This is complete bullshit of course. I’m assuming a friend (maybe another guy) called her and she decided she wanted to do something else.

I said, “why did you come to meet me? So I could drive you home? Am I your taxi driver?” She just starts laughing and says “sorry! Next time ok!”

Really this is some bullshit. She invited me to hang out. Then she comes to my house, says she can’t hang out with me and asks me to drive her home immediately. What could I do? I can’t tell her to fuck off and call a cab. I’m trying to cream pie this stupid broad. I just had to grin and bear it.


This my friends, is my most epic flake of all time. I’m thinking about purchasing some sort of trophy I can give her for this prestigious achievement. Really, some people have no respect for you or your time.

How Should I Handle This?

Option 1. Do nothing… Brush it off and pretend it never happened. I’ll probably be able to bang this broad eventually if I play it cool.

Option 2. I will wait for her to text me and invite me somewhere… She’s done it several times this past week so I suspect I will get another invitation soon. When she asks to meet me for dinner or drinks I will agree.

We will choose a time and a place to meet. I will wait for her to arrive at the destination then I will text her “Sorry! I’m busy tonight! I have some work to do!” 😀

When she expresses anger or disappointment I will send her the same texts she sent me. “Hihihi” and laughing emojis. 😛

Now this is probably the stupid option. She will probably get angry and it will ruin my chance of dropping a load in her tight little snapper. The flip side is this will make me laugh and feel good for a few brief moments.