What’s up Guys!

I’m happy to be back in Vietnam. This will be my home base for the next few months while I explore more of this great country. There are many reasons why I love Vietnam, but high up on the list is the café culture in this country. If you are a caffeine addict and a coffee fiend like me, you will love it here!

Café culture in Vietnam

I am writing this from my favorite café. It is directly on the beach… Amazing view of the palm tree lined sand and endless blue sea. A thick, strong black Vietnamese coffee cost 18,000 Vietnamese Dong (95 cents) and this is one of the higher end places. It’s served along side a glass of green iced tea which is free and they keep refilling it as long as you are here.

This is just one of many awesome cafes in this city! These places are classy, comfortable and laid back. Every place has free wifi and they couldn’t care less how long you hang out there.

I often break out the laptop and do my writing at these cafes or just relax and read a book. Sometimes I’m there all afternoon and I only drink two coffees… Total bill, $2.

Another thing I love is the girls working at these places! Some cafes hire sexy young hostesses and stick them in tight little mini skirts. I greatly appreciate this. 🙂 I’ve picked up several girls who work at these cafes in Vietnam. Read my post about How To Pick Up Girls in Vietnam.

If you become a regular at a few places, the people will get to know you. I always go alone and eventually the waitress will ask me, “where is your girlfriend?” I say, I am single, I’m waiting for you darling! 🙂 It’s a great place to meet cute young girls who are not whores.

Back in America, cafes are boring places where old people and hipsters go to read books and socialize. In Vietnam, cafes are the cool hang out spot for young people. Often these places are set up like a nightclub. Many have music, a live band and serve alcohol. On a Saturday night, cafes are packed with stylish young Vietnamese people hanging out. Nothing like the boring starbucks back in America.

Coffee is a big deal in Vietnam. All day people sit around outside drinking their coffee chased with iced tea. It’s like the national past time! Old, young, Men and Women. There are little cafes in every small alley in every city. At these places your coffee and tea costs 10,000 VND or about 50 cents. Incredible! I don’t know how they make money, but hey I love it. Just not too fond of the little plastic chairs made for toddlers.

These small back alley places are where you will rub shoulders with the locals and get a lot of interest from curious Vietnamese people. You will either find some new friends or lose your wallet. Regardless, you will make some new memories. 🙂

If you come to Vietnam, be sure to check out some of the interesting cafes in each city. There’s several on every street and most are small Mom and Pop type places. The one next to my apartment has Koi fish in the floor, live birds in cages and tropical plants growing indoors. It’s an interesting place to relax for the afternoon. Cheers!