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Today I bring you a guest post from Sebastian over at GlobalSeducer.com He’s a well traveled guy and an excellent writer so definitely check out his website. I’m currently doing research for my upcoming trip to the Philippines and he has some great info on his site. Here’s Sebastian.

The Difference between Dating a Filipina and Dating a Thai Girl

Every man who says that dating a Thai girl and dating a Filipina is the exact same thing is either a liar or has never had any experiences that would allow him to differentiate between those two types of women.

I have been to South East Asia multiple times and every time I have been there I spent at least a few weeks in Thailand and in the Philippines. I know both countries and I definitely know that comparing Filipinas with Thai girls is like comparing Kanye West with Paul McCartney.

You can’t compare them and even if I recently fell more and more in love with Thai girls, I definitely appreciate the qualities of all the women that I met during my time in Cebu city. Let’s debunk the myth that having any form of relationship with a woman from Thailand is the same as being together with a woman from the Philippines.

Asians vs Mini Latinas

You don’t even have to start dating one of those girls to realize that they are completely different. The only thing you have to do is to look at her body and her face and you will instinctively know if you are about to approach a girl from the Land of Smiles or from the land of crazy people who crucify themselves.

If you are attracted to girls who completely match the Asian stereotype you should go to Thailand. The ladies in the land of smiles are usually a little bit dark skinned, have distinctive narrow eyes and are sometimes so skinny that you think they wouldn’t survive a winter in Europe.

I don’t know if I have only dated a certain type of women in Cebu but in my experience Filipinas are a chubbier than Thai girls. I personally like that because the chance of finding a girl with a nice round ass and juicy tits is a lot higher in the Philippines.

On the other hand, Thai girls are usually a lot taller than Filipinas. In case you think that the people in Thailand are tiny you have definitely never been to the Philippines. You will rarely find a Filipina who is over 1.60 meters.

Filipinas don’t really match the Asian stereotype. You definitely see that the Spanish people did a lot of naughty stuff in the Philippines. The genetic influence that has survived the colonial era has led to the fact that most Filipinas look like a mix of Asian and South American women. Is it just me or do you also think they look like cute mini Latinas?

Language Barriers

Can you speak Thai? In case you can’t speak Thai you will have a hard time to find a girl in Thailand who can say more than hello and goodbye. I don’t lie when I say that the English level of most Thai people is absolutely horrible. I mean, I can understand it. I recently started studying Thai and I also struggle like an analphabetic idiot.

If you come to Thailand with the intention to approach women you have to be willing to look in a lot of clueless faces, until you finally find a girl who speaks English.

Can you speak Tagalog? In case you don’t know whether I just asked you about a language or a perfume brand, you don’t have to worry. Everybody in the Philippines speaks English. When I say everybody, I really mean everybody.

I have the feeling that even the people who have never seen a school from inside can talk English. The Philippines is the last country on earth where you will have any problem to find a woman who you can talk to. In case you don’t want to accept the challenge to learn a new language, dating Filipinas is definitely the better option for you.

Religious Influence

In case you are from a Western country you are probably more familiar with Christianity than with Buddhism. Even though I am a Christian and I believe that commandments like “you shall not kill” are not the worst invention of mankind, I personally like the Buddhist mentality of Thai women a lot more than the Christian convictions of the women in the Philippines.

The reason for this is pretty simple. I have studied the central statements of both religions and I came to the conclusion that Buddhism is more peaceful than Christianity. I would say that walking through Bangkok at night is definitely safer than walking through Manila at night. In the Philippines every shopping center has guards with shotguns. In Thailand I have never seen a guard with a weapon.

In addition to that, the Buddhism among Thai people is by far not as fanatic as the Catholicism among the Filipinos. The fact that some of them crucify themselves is not even the worst part. In my experience a lot of Filipinas are extremely religious and I think the fact that they believe in a religion that the Spanish People brought to them is absolutely ridiculous. If you are like me you might have one or two arguments about this topic with your Filipina girlfriend that you won’t have with a Thai girlfriend.

Dating Customs

When it comes to local dating customs I honestly have to say that dating in the Philippines is more fun than dating in Thailand. One of the biggest mistakes that a foreigner can make with a Thai girl is to show affection in public.

In Bangkok you always see stupid idiots who try to kiss their girlfriend in public, just to end up in an argument that they simply can’t win. Kissing, touching and grabbing your Thai girlfriend in public is not a good idea.

What if you are dating a Filipina? Well, kissing and touching in public is still not common in the Philippines but in my experience it is more accepted than in Thailand. At least your Filipina girlfriend won’t freak out if you try to kiss her in a moment of weakness.

What They Have in Common

Now you know that dating a Filipina and dating a Thai girl is quite a different experience. However, there has to be one thing that is the same, no matter if you date a Thai girl or a Filipina. Yes, one aspect is definitely the same.

The women in Thailand are Buddhist and their culture forbids showing affection in public and sex is generally a taboo topic. The women in the Philippines are Catholic and according to their religion they should behave like angels who don’t even know what sex is.

Even though both Thai girls and Filipinas come from a culture that has a negative attitude towards sex, they are both amazing in bed.