What’s up Guys! More style tips here at Single Man’s Paradise. I just completely upgraded my wardrobe starting from scratch. My goal was to purchase quality pieces that are extremely versatile.

Being on a budget and living out of a suit case means I can’t have a huge closet full of fresh gear. However, if you buy quality, versatile pieces then you don’t need a lot of clothes. Quality over quantity.

If you’re looking to stay clean and stylish then this article is for you. I will discuss the most important piece of clothing that every man should own.

A Pair of Jeans

Yes that’s right. A nice pair of denim jeans is the number one article of clothing every man should own. Here’s why…

A nice pair of jeans is such a versatile piece of clothing. You can wear them with a T shirt and sneakers or you can dress them up with nice shoes and a dress shirt. You can even throw on a sports jacket and you’re styling for a dinner date or a night out at the club.

Finding the perfect pair of Jeans for Men

It’s important you buy the right pair of jeans. You can get jeans in every color and style imaginable these days. We are going to keep it real simple here. Well fitting, plain, dark blue jeans are what we’re after.

I fuckin despise shopping for pants but you really need to get this right. Take the time to seek out the perfect pair and try them on before buying. I find sizing is all over the place with different brands so you must buy jeans in person and try them on.

Style – Buy a pair of plain dark blue jeans. Also called indigo color. NO fake fading, wear marks, rips or designs. No funky stitching, patches, tags and other fruity shit. Clean, dark, plain jeans look awesome with everything and you can wear them daily without people noticing. If you got some crazy designs on your ass then people will say OH he’s wearing those ugly designer jeans again!

Fit  – The fit of your pants is probably the most important thing to get right. Jeans should be well fitted. Note! Fitted does not mean tight! Save the skinny jeans for women and hipsters who have never seen a weight room.

Your jeans should fit snug around your waist and hips. They should stay on without the help of a belt. Belts are for decoration and holding up a pistol.

Your jeans should not squeeze your ass tight but they should be snug enough that there isn’t a bunch of extra fabric making you look like you’re wearing a shit filled diaper. It also goes without saying, grown men don’t sag their pants.

Also note that jeans stretch over time. I usually buy jeans one size too small and the waist stretches a good inch after a while. Don’t be afraid to buy a pair that are just a bit snug around the waste.

Go with a straight leg jean or something with a tapered cut. I prefer a tapered cut with smaller openings at the ankle. If your jeans are too wide it wont look right with dress shoes. A sleek pair of shoes will get swallowed if there’s too much fabric at the bottom of your pants. Smaller in the ankle area is better in this case.

Your jeans should fit consistent down the length of your leg. Meaning, you don’t want it super tight in the thighs and baggy around the calves.

You may have to try different cuts depending on your body type. Slim dudes can get away with slim fits. Heavy set men should go with a regular fit. You don’t want them squeezing your thighs or making you look too top heavy.  Everyone should avoid the boot cuts that flare out at the ankle like bell bottoms.

Length –  You can always go longer and then get them hemmed. Most high end jeans only come in one length. You then have to get them fixed by a tailor or you can roll them up. I never cuff my jeans but I see dudes who do it. It’s a trend that is acceptable at the moment.

Your jeans should be long enough to “break” above your shoes but there should not be a big pile of bunched up fabric sitting on top of your shoes. This is a sloppy look and people will think you’re wearing your big brothers pants. Get them hemmed to the proper length.

Raw Denim

Raw denim, means that the jeans were dyed but never washed. They are extremely dark and stiff. The manufacturer leaves it up to the consumer to break them in. Here’s my opinion…

I recently bought my first pair of raw denim to see what the hype is all about. I fuckin hate them. OK maybe I need to give them time to break in but FUCK these things feel like I’m wearing cardboard. They are stiff as fuck and I get blue indigo dye on everything. If I touch my pants my hands are blue. 🙁

I think I will rinse them to loosen them up and get any excess dye off. Really I don’t see what the hype is about. My Levis look just as good. They are dark but they don’t transfer dye to everything. Plus they are much more soft and comfortable. If you live in a tropical environment then raw denim is a recipe for swamp ass. Stick to a regular washed pair of jeans.

Maybe some denim heads can leave a comment and school me to the game. Call me a pussy or tell me what I’m doing wrong here.

The pricing on designer raw denim all over the place. I bought a pair of Unbranded jeans for 2,700 baht at Pronto Denim in Bangkok. This is an entry level pair of raw jeans and I think they look great.

Prices go up drastically from there. Want to see what a pair of 10,000 baht jeans look like? Stop by Pronto in Terminal 21. I thought to myself hey these Japanese pure blues look great.

Prices – Expect to pay around $100 for a quality pair of jeans. This can get you a great pair that lasts for several years. Any reputable brand is fine, just follow the criteria posted above. Dark, well fitted, plain. When in doubt, buy Levi’s.

How To Take Care of Your Jeans

Here’s a quick guide to taking care of your jeans. Don’t. Really I never wash my jeans. If I spill a drink or shoot my load on them I will just spot clean them with a damp rag. I usually turn them inside out and hang them in the sun to dry out the ball sweat. Surprisingly, they never stink. 🙂

Washing your jeans too much will break down the fibers and make them fade. They will lose that crisp look and dark indigo color. If your jeans are starting to stretch out and feel loose then a quick rinse will shrink them a bit. Turn them inside out, rinse them off and hang them in the sun.

Keep in mind that jeans are casual. They are perfect for riding motorcycles, shooting guns and hunting for pussy. Don’t go wearing them to business meetings and weddings. They can be dressed up but some dudes take it too far.

That’s it guys. If you don’t own a nice pair of well fitting jeans, I suggest you go shopping this week. Every man needs one good pair. Stay sharp.