Hey guys it’s Dante here from NomadPhilippines.com After living in the Philippines for the last three years and having been with two hundred fifty plus girls I have learned there are many positives and negatives when it comes to Pinays.

The positives definitely outweigh the negatives, but over time the negatives can start to weigh on you. Of course in those times all you have to do is take a deep breath and remember how things were before you moved to Asia and the frustrations seem a bit more insignificant than they did before.

Pros of Dating in The Philippines

They are just awesome. They are very sweet, kind, and fun loving girls. They are so curious about foreigners and the majority of them are so friendly that you can strike up a conversation with ease.

They speak better English than girls in other countries in Asia so you can actually communicate and have real conversations with them. When I was in Cambodia and Thailand that was rarely a possibility.

I generally just walk up to any girl I see and hand her my number with a cute note that I already have written in my wallet. I have five to ten of these on me at all times cuz you never know how many cute girls you will see in a day.

Even though I just walk up, tell them they are cute, hand them the note, and walk away somehow this works and quite a few text me. From there just be a kind and silly joker and they will warm up to you quickly.

Dates are pretty easy, they feel a lot more pressure about it than you do so you will probably have to carry the conversation a bit. Again just be nice and crack some jokes.

If you get them back to your apartment then getting them to bed is almost a certainty. Show a little patience so they don’t feel like you are just using them for sex and then make your move.

They are the horniest women I have ever been with. Just comparing them to other Asian countries, I felt like Cambodians hated sex and were awful in bed.

I felt like Thai’s were just kind of acting, but they were for the most part good actors. It should be noted that every time I was with a girl in those two countries I was with hookers.
In the Philippines the girls are much more into the sex and that includes the hookers. Kiss them on the neck and put your hands between their legs and their pussies will be dripping in no time.

I am a huge fan of blowjobs and on average they gave much better bj’s than I got in Cambodia where they were awful, or in Thailand. Though my Thailand sample size was much smaller.

Another big positive about Pinays is that since they are so curious and so horny many are down for one night stands or short flings. I tell every girl before we hang out that I don’t want anything serious.

 From time to time that costs me a date, or has a girl come over who is shocked when I kiss her and stops me. But for the most part you can be honest with them and still get what you want.

When you are living in a country like the Philippines there is no reason to lead girls on. If you don’t want to put in a little bit of work to find girls that are down for friends with benefits situations then you should just go with hookers.

Speaking of hookers another great positive is that if you are a nice guy that looks like a safe customer many girls will go with you for quite cheap. Everywhere I have lived I have been able to get girls on call to come give me a quick BJ for five hundred pesos.

I can’t believe I almost forgot the dating sites like Filipino Cupid. In general these girls won’t be all that hot but you can message thousands of them in a day and ask if they want to come over. All it takes is one to say yes and that isn’t too hard to find.

If you just want to go for quantity and fuck a lot then its like an all you can eat buffet. And from time to time you also will find some sevens or eights occasionally, though eights are rare anywhere in Phils and especially online.

Overall the positives out weigh the negatives, but I am just coming off a year in which I mostly went with non pros. In my opinion that is far to long to deal with the negatives so time for me to rant.

Negatives of Dating in The Philippines

This is going to be full of white man in third world problems and I realize many would love to have these horrible difficulties that I have had to put up with. But believe me after a year…….

Pinays are soooooooo flaky its unbelievable. I am the type of person that likes to make plans and stick to them. That is absolutely impossible here.

I have gone into weekends (http://nomadphilippines.com/weekend-of-flaky-girls/) where I had so many ‘dates’ planned and none showed up. Most nights I will try to set up dates with two or three girls and tell the later dates that I may have to work just in case the first girl really shows up.

Even with three girls committing to hang out when the time comes I am often left going home alone shaking my head. There is a major reason why this is so much more annoying than it needs to be, and its part of the silly Asian culture.

For some reason people here hate to tell someone else no. They are raised thinking its better to lie than to reject someone. So if you ask a girl if she wants to hang out later and she says yes you have no clue if that really means yes.

So you are now planning your whole night around meeting a girl at seven pm. You go to the meeting place and text her…….. No reply. Then a few hours later or the next day she will say sorry and she had some big problem that came up, or she ran out of load or whatever.
The truth is she just didn’t want to hang out with you but was too shy to say it. Then she wants you to text her all the time and still be her best friend…… But when it comes time to hang out again she pulls the same shit.

With experience you can start to pick up on who these time wasters are and can avoid some of it, but you will never be able to fully dodge it. It is just the culture here.
Another thing they do is tell you next time instead of saying no. So you will just keep hearing next time from a girl that has no intention of ever hanging out with you. And how are you supposed to know which ones really mean next time and which are just playing games?

Even when you get a girl to actually meet with you the frustrations aren’t over. They are always late and are just terrible with directions.

Always set your dates at places like malls where you can kill time doing something because they will be late ninety percent of the time. You might as well just show up half an hour late and plan on waiting another fifteen minutes or more.

I either just have girls come straight to my apartment so I can work while I wait for them, or I meet at malls and go hand out more numbers while I wait. Always gotta be maximizing your time.

Some of them are having these ‘should I or shouldn’t I’ inner dialogues the whole time as they are thinking about meeting you. Some even show up at the mall and then get to shy (nomadphilippines.com/sexy-pinays-and-their-games/) to go through with it.
They may see you from across the mall, be fine with your appearance, but just peek at you behind a corner as they text with you. One girl had me running circles around the mall for an hour before I gave up.

When I finally left and texted her to fuck off she said she saw me but she was too shy to be seen with a foreigner in public. I then said OK well why don’t you just hop in a taxi and meet me at my place.

An hour later we were in my bed…….. But that hour of running in circles while she was hiding from me fifty feet away was driving me nuts.

Then there are the girls who you never know what they want. Every girl I hook up with has always been asked if they go with guys for money and if they say no then we hang out. If they are really hot and say yes maybe we strike a deal hehe.

But what is frustrating is say a six says no she doesn’t want money and then shows up and clearly wants money (nomadphilippines.com/gray-area-girls-in-the-philippines/).

Or she doesn’t clearly want money and you think you are getting a freebie and she either asks for it before she leaves or texts you a couple days later telling you how she needs money for some other big problem.

I don’t like freerolling hookers, that is the whole point of my asking before we hang out. If I didn’t care I would just freeroll them all, but I realize I am sort of using Game Genie by being a young white guy in the Phils and try not to take any more advantage then I already have.

But at some point its just like what more can I do? Here is one example. I met this girl on a dating site and she had some sexy pics up but passed the ‘do you want money test’ when she said no.

She came over in the early afternoon and was wearing huge leather hooker boots, tiny shorts, and a half tshirt. She told me she hadn’t been home from the main hooker disco in Cebu, J-Ave, after being out all night.

Five minutes after she showed up she pulls out her phone and has a pic of a thong as her background. I commented on it and she said she always wore thongs and asked if I wanted to see.

I did so I said yes, she stood up, dropped the tiny shorts and asked if I liked it. Two minutes later she is blowing me on the couch.

I’m not an idiot and know she wants money, but why in the world is she telling me she doesn’t? Before I left I told her I would give her a little money but nowhere near J-Ave prices and she said that was OK.

I gave her five hundred pesos and since she gave killer head she became one of my two main bj girls in Cebu. She was hot and skilled so this was fine.

But what happens when the girl isn’t hot enough that you would want to pay for? Even if you lowball em after being with so many there are times that I would rather just stay home and work than spend time and money on a girl.

Especially when they want you to spend an hour meeting them at the mall, an hour eating, and then when you get back to your place they deny your initial kisses and make you finish the whole movie before banging.

There is four hours I could have been earning money and then money I have to pay them all because they want to trick themselves into thinking they aren’t what they are.

I know I know…….. how awful my life is right? But again I like to maximize my time and I don’t want to spend four hours ‘gaming’ a whore. Get in, do your job, take your money, go home. That is why you are getting paid.

While I am on this subject of girls pretending they aren’t what they are…… the hottest girls at hooker discos here tilt the hell out of me. Take High Society in Angeles City for instance. If I go in there I basically have no chance with the few really hot girls in there because I refuse to play their silly games.

They want you to hang out in the disco with them and ‘pick them up’ like its a normal hook up. And then pay them. 

In Cambodia I would go to a bar and walk up to a girl and the first words out of my mouth would be ‘want come my room?’ and ninety percent of the time off we went. It was the same in Pattaya.

In the Phils if you try that with one of the hottest girls you have no chance. Many guys love the girlfriend experience that you get in the Phils and I do as well, but to an extent.

I hate discos and am not sitting in one for two hours just to pick up a hooker. If she was a nine or up then OK sure I’ll give it a shot…. but where are the nines?

Hot girls are soooooooo hard to find here. There are plenty of sixes and sevens around, but eights or better are so rare.

Many guys say Cebu is the top place for hot girls in Phils. I go to the nicest malls (nomadphilippines.com/philippines-malls) and nicest areas where the hottest girls hang out EVERY DAY and if I see one eight a week I am lucky.

I think I saw three nines in all of 2015 and that is while spending hours a day going out with the sole intent of locating the hottest girls.

One of the main reasons it’s not easy to find them is because of the horrible diets in the Philippines. Everything is fried, their favorite food is fast food (Jolibee) and they would rather wait 20 minutes for a jeep to fill up then take a five minute walk.


It is probably best that I stop now cuz that could go on for awhile. The main point is yes you are going to have a great time, and yes you are going get with way more girls than you could in your home country.

But at times there will be annoyances that drive you mad. A girl flaking on you isn’t really a big deal. But a girl flaking on you for the second time on a night where 2 other girls flaked on you and a third just lied lied lied to you in every text…

And if these things happen on days where other non girl related things may be getting to you as well…… it can be tough to deal with it. Just say serenity now and deal with it as best you can.

Honestly I was awful with girls in the west (I’m not rich nor a 10 so my options were work really hard to impress a fatty or smoke weed and watch porn….. I chose the latter) but I do feel like I understand how to make Pinays comfortable with you better than most.

It’s quite easy but I think most guys overthink it. I wrote an ebook (http://nomadphilippines.com/filipina-girls-ebook/) on the subject and if you want to come here and give it a shot the tiny investment probably would pay off for you.

Or I could just be a young white guy in Asia and have no clue what I am talking about. 😛