The greatest thing about living in Thailand is the ability to tailor your lifestyle to your exact needs. Big City living, laid back country villages or beach front bungalows. Whatever makes you happy is waiting for you here in The Land of Smiles!

Thailand is an amazing country and it’s impossible to pick just one favorite place but I will give you my top three places to live in Thailand.

#1. Bangkok

mbk mall bangkok city thailand

Bangkok is my favorite city in the world. This place is so addictive. Whenever I travel I always start to miss Bangkok. Beautiful women everywhere you look, amazing energy and legendary nightlife.

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#2. Ko Samui

living in beautiful koh samui thailand island

Ko Samui is probably my favorite place to live in Thailand. Just depends if I’m in a big city party mood or a relax on the beach mood. Ko Samui strikes that perfect balance between a laid back beach town vibe while still being developed enough to live a comfortable life.

From quiet nights on the beach to rockin parties until the sun comes up. Everything a man can ask for is on Ko Samui island. Read my review of Ko Samui here.

#3. Chiang Mai

buddhist temple in chiang mai thailand

Chiang Mai is a beautiful laid back city with plenty of outdoor activities to keep a man busy. It’s cheap, the girls are cute and it’s a great lifestyle living in this city.

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