So I’ve been in The Philippines for over two months now. I’ve been to a bunch of different locations, met a lot of women and had the pleasure of sleeping with twelve of them so far. And I must say… Dating in The Philippines isn’t exactly how I expected it would be. Allow me to explain.

Filipina Women Are Shy

This surprised me. I’ve read a lot of other blogs and posts on my forum where guys talk about how easy it is to hook up with girls in The Philippines. And yes, a single man can certainly have a good time. But you have to put forth some effort or you will get nowhere.

For some reason I expected to show up at the Mall of Asia and have girls surround me like a mob, rip my clothes off, push me to the ground and start licking me from head to toe. 😀 Sadly, this wasn’t the case.

Walking through the mall I got a couple of “gwapo” (handsome) comments as I walked by girls. When I would turn to look at them they would cover their faces and start giggling. When shopping or ordering food, girls working there would be polite, but very professional. I never got a flirtatious vibe from them.

I went to the same restaurant every day and the waitress would always smile and take my order but she would never speak a word to me… Until, I finally broke the silence and started chatting with her. Suddenly she opened up and we got to know each other. We exchanged numbers and I ended up banging her that night. 🙂

At a night club I met a girl who was out with her friends. We noticed each other but they didn’t speak a word to me. Finally I said fuck it and walked over to introduce myself. Ended up getting her number and banging her the next night.

I have countless stories like this. But here’s the point. You can’t be shy here. That goes for anywhere in the world really. The man must make the first move. Yes Filipinas are very friendly and easy to talk to. And I’m sure a lot of them will like you, but if you don’t approach them, you will go home alone.

Online Dating in The Philippines

Here’s one big advantage of online dating in the Philippines. I’m a huge fan of the site Filipino Cupid. The site is an absolute gold mine of beautiful young women looking for foreigners. Pina Love is good too. There’s a lot more hookers on there, and it’s free to join and message girls so it’s worth a look.

The thing that’s interesting about these sites is the girls are not shy online. Everybody is brave behind a keyboard! So if you join these sites and make a good profile you will get A LOT of messages. Many of them will be willing to meet you right away.

I did some “pipelining” prior to flying to the Philippines. That means chatting with girls and lining up dates prior to my arrival. On Filipina Cupid I thought wow these chicks are super aggressive! They’re going to eat me alive! Well, yes, but they’re brave online and quite shy in person. You will get a lot of interest from girls who would probably be scared to speak if she saw you in the mall.

I recommend everyone sign up for Filipino Cupid prior to coming to the Philippines. It’s a convenient, low pressure way for you to chat with girls and get to know them. You can also meet plenty of good girls in person but just remember that you have to be the one to approach and ask for their number. If not, they will just sit there and wait forever.

Ok one last example of annoying shyness… I was chatting with one chick online. She says “I know you… You always drink coffee at a certain cafe.” I’m thinking, who is this stalker? She says “I work there.” I asked “why don’t you say hi?”

“Because I’m SHY!!!” I thought it was kind of cute… But then I went to the cafe again and she wouldn’t talk to me! 🙁 She stood in the corner the whole time looking at me and giggling with her co workers. WTF? I’m too old for this type of shit. After I left the cafe I got a text from her, “hihihi I see you again.” That’s some annoying shit… But I guess that’s what happens when you set your profile search to ages 18-21. 😉

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Filipina Girls Do Not Like You, They LOVE You

I understand why so many guys go to the Philippines and fall in love. Damn these women are something special. They really are so sweet and fun to be around. I just lived in Vietnam for three years. And while I absolutely love Vietnamese women for their incredible beauty, sense of style, class, intelligence and work ethic… Let’s face it, they can be somewhat serious, prude and even frigid at times. There’s not much passion there.

Filipinas on the other hand are very passionate women. I just hooked up with a girl the other night. It was the first time we had sex. While she’s riding me she starts hugging me tight telling me she loves me so much… I’m thinking WTF??? Maybe it’s just a heat of the moment thing? Like when I scream out loud “baby that pussy’s so good I’m gonna buy you a ring!” 😀 I said it when I was about to cum but after I drained my nuts I just want to show her the door.

But no, these chicks are serious. Now she texts me throughout the day like we’re a married couple. “Hi honey how’s your day? What time would you like me to come over later? What would you like to eat tonight baby? Are you mad at me? I miss you honey. I love you goodnight!”

Damn they move fast out here. It’s somewhat disconcerting. But I must admit it feels good to be loved. It’s something I’m getting used to. Just be cautious because I’m sure you could come here, go on a first date and find yourself living with a broad within a week. It happens to guys… Just move slow and choose wisely!

Oh and the sex… The sex is fucking great. Fantastic. They love to fuck and they aim to please. I had a few one night stands with different girls recently. I was able to fuck them three times within a few hours. Three long good hard fucks. While that’s still possible at my age without the use of little blue pills, I rarely have the desire to do that. Once, maybe twice if she’s really hot is the norm.

But no, these chicks just wouldn’t leave me alone. I’d be relaxing watching a movie and they would go down on me again, determined to get another load out of me. Freaky little broads… Damn it I love them.

Another day in paradise…