Today I got a random message from a girl I used to know. We haven’t talked in years and I was surprised to see her message. It was a voice message, which I always find annoying… But apparently she’s studying English and she wanted to practice with me.

This girl really is an angel. She’s one of the first girls I met in Vietnam. She was working as a hostess in a nice restaurant. She was wearing an ao dai (traditional Vietnamese dress) and she looked amazing. When I see a traditional Vietnamese girl my heart starts beating faster. Simply stunning. Sexy yet elegant. I could see the curves of her body but no flesh exposed. A real natural beauty. I just had to approach her.

beautiful vietnamese girl wearing ao dai dress

I was pleased to find out she is extremely friendly and speaks good English. After a bit of small talk we exchanged numbers. What a sweetheart. Smart, friendly, classy, gorgeous. Wifey material. We went out on several dates and I said to myself, I will date this girl. I’m going to make her my girlfriend.

The next week I left Vietnam for a visa run. I went to Cambodia and spent time in Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville. I wasn’t gone too long. Maybe two weeks. But when I came back things were different.

She was answering my texts late and refusing to meet me for a date. Then I finally asked her, “do you have a boyfriend?” She said “yes I’m dating someone now.” 🙁 Well shit, why didn’t you just say that! Oh well, she was taken.

Honestly, it’s for the better. She deserves better than a degenerate like me. I get infatuated with a woman for a month or two and then inevitably, I lose interest. Like a spoiled child who casts aside his Christmas toys by mid February.

Years later, her and her boyfriend are still dating. I’m happy for them. I see pics of her and her boyfriend online. I could never play that role. I see them sitting in some brightly lit cafe eating cake and ice cream on a Saturday night. Taking a dozen selfies together. Wearing matching shirts. That corny shit makes me laugh to myself. That’s just not my style.

If I was in that situation I would be thinking WTF can we get this over with already? I need a drink! Maybe I belong in the red light districts. Cold beer in hand. Surrounded by fast women and criminals. That’s my comfort zone.

Gone, but not forgotten.

I’ve slept with hundreds of women, but I only caught feelings for three of them. One in America and two here in Asia.

My first Vietnamese girlfriend. The first serious girlfriend I had in Asia. We met when she was working at a small shop near my apartment. We dated pretty seriously for about three months and I was really into her. I “claimed her” as my girl which is something I never do out here. Life was good and we were having a blast.

Then one weekend she went home to visit her mother in her home town. That’s when shit started to fall apart. I remember she called me on FaceTime and she showed me her mother. Her mother didn’t smile. She didn’t say Hi. She didn’t even wave. She just stared at me with her soulless black eyes. It sent a chill up my spine.

When she came back to the city she started acting cold, distant. Finally she said to me “my mom thinks we have no future together. Different languages. Different cultures. She wants me to marry a Vietnamese man.”

“Ohh I see. So what do you want?” I asked.

“I don’t care. I want to date you.”

That’s what she said… But we quickly drifted apart. Her text messages slowed to a trickle until we just stopped talking. And that was it. No discussion of a break up. Nothing. I just got the hint so I left her alone.

Not too long ago I was riding through the city on my motorbike. As I turned a corner and joined in with the heavy flow of traffic, I nearly ran right into her. She was riding her bike right along side me. A total coincidence.

She smiled and waved at me. I waved back. We were both surprised. It was good to see her. As we were riding side by side, I invited her to have coffee with me. “Pull over here. Let’s have a drink together.”

She just shook her head no and kept riding.

“Come on! Just 15 minutes. I want to talk with you.”

Again, she just shook her head no and kept riding.

Fucking bitch. I swear these Viet broads can be ice fucking cold. One minute they “love you so much.” The next minute they are some heartless robotic serpents. Look into their eyes and there’s nothing there. Just darkness. Black as the inside of a cave or the bottom of the ocean. The eyes of a shark have more love in them.

I was tempted to leap off my moving motorbike and pounce on her like a hungry tiger. Sink my teeth into her neck, drag her behind some nearby bushes and have my way with her. But no. I just sped off and had coffee alone. 🙁

My Best Friend in Asia

My biggest regret here was fucking over my best friend. The broad I wrote about in this post.

She certainly wasn’t the hottest chick I’ve been with. But she was by far the coolest person I ever met here. She truly was my best friend. Actually, she was my only real friend in Asia. I know a lot of people here but I’m not close with them. I don’t call them on the phone and invite them to my home. I don’t trust them. But I trusted her.

She was always helping me with things. Buying a motorbike, renting an apartment, shopping, cooking, cleaning. She never asked for anything and we always had fun together.

We were together for six months which is the longest relationship I’ve had here. Of course, I cheated on her countless times. Eventually she found out about it and she left me.

I regret this. No, I didn’t want to date her forever and marry her. Actually, I wanted to end the relationship and date other people. But instead I just kept her around and dated other chicks at the same time. I should have handled it different.

I should have broke it off gently and tried to salvage the friendship. Because I do miss having her around. Oh well. Sometimes you need to bump your head to learn lessons in life.

The Single Man’s lifestyle is based on selfishness. I think it’s a good thing. In some ways this is healthy. A man should put his needs first. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about this.

You can live the Single Man’s lifestyle without being a scum bag. A lot of these “pick up artist” douche bags preach the idea of “tell them whatever they want to hear” to get in their panties. Pump them and dump them. They get their “notches” and brag about how they didn’t even buy the girl a bowl of noodles.

I think these guys are assholes. They’re worse than assholes. They’re psychopaths. I think they’re seriously damaged human beings to think it’s normal to toy with other people’s lives like it’s a “game.” Living that lifestyle will lead to you being despised and alone. Well, unless you can keep up with the lies forever. But it does get exhausting.

Lord knows I’m no saint. But I never try to hurt the people I care about. I’ve done it, and it doesn’t feel good. It’s better to just be honest with people. Let women know the truth. A lot of times they won’t mind just dating casually. I have some friends with benefits here. We have a “don’t ask, don’t tell policy.”

I know they have a boyfriend who’s overseas. And they know I’m doing my thing too. But we still meet, go have dinner and drinks and then sleep together. And we never ask each other questions when our phones keep buzzing at midnight.

Another great way to avoid all this shit is to just sleep with prostitutes. Some guys find this repulsive and demeaning. Fucking hookers is for fat slobs with no game! Perhaps for some… But it’s also for guys who just want to have fun easy sex with no strings attached. No drama. No heartbreak. Life is easier that way.

Another day in paradise…