What’s up Guys!

I hate to write negative posts, but today I must let some steam out of my collar. I just had the worst mongering experience of my life! I’ve had some mediocre performances before… Hey, shit happens, but this is where I draw the line!

The WORST country I’ve been to for mongering is Vietnam! I’ve warned guys before but I just need to drive this point home once again. Vietnam is a beautiful country and love it… But DO NOT go to Vietnam just for mongering!

There are far better choices if you’re looking for a Sex Holiday in Asia. To be honest, I’ve had better mongering experiences in America! Yes, pussy costs about four times the price of Vietnam but at least you get decent service.

Mongering Adventures In Vietnam

The other night I was cruising around on my motorbike. As I was heading home I noticed the lights still on in a Hot Toc. For those of you who don’t know, a hot toc is a barber shop in Vietnam. Many of these places have girls working there that will do sexual favors for a small fee.

This place had two girls inside working late night so I figured they would be up for some fun. I walked in and said hello! I grabbed the hotter of the two and brought her into the back. I told her I want a blowjob and signaled with my hand. She said OK 500,000 VND!

That is a ridiculous price especially since I was way outside of the tourist trap. We argued a bit and then settled on 150,000 Vietnamese Dong…

Is there anything worse then arguing with a whore prior to having sex? They pull that same shit during a massage… They want to have a long aggressive bargaining session and it’s such a turn off! I know the fuckin prices god damn it! Just do your job and let me relax!

I lay down on the dirty little massage table. The place is absolutely filthy and for a brief moment I wonder what happened in my life that got me to this very moment… On a dark, dusty street in the middle of nowhere, laying on a soiled bed sheet with my pants around my ankles waiting to be sucked off by a beat up hooker for $7… But my balls are heavy so I press on.

Of course, she tries the old – leave your pants hanging on the hook outside trick. Fuck that I’m not having it. Keep all your shit right there next to you. These thieving whores would love to get their hands on your wallet.

This annoying cunt is screaming at her friend in Vietnamese the whole time. These girls LOVE to do that… Holy fuck they are noisy. I tell her several times SHHHH stop yelling! Of course, she doesn’t understand and keeps yapping away. She is screaming to her friend in the next room while she’s right next to my head. Totally obnoxious.

She reluctantly pulls her tits out and I get to squeeze them a bit. She then starts giving me an aggressive hand job with no lube. I actually said OUCH, STOP THAT several times… I tell her to suck me and she keeps saying KHONG! (NO in Vietnamese.) The whole time she has this sour look on her face.

What the fuck! I asked for a BJ not a horrible handjob that is border line torture! Finally the other miserable bitch pokes her head into the curtain and I ask her if she can suck me off. She also says NO!

This is odd seeing that I’m a handsome young man who is clean and polite. I had recently showered, my balls are shaved and I don’t have any herpes or weird shit that would turn her off…

You should see some of the local guys that walk out of these places… I’d imagine they would be happy to see a young stud walk through the door. Apparently not. 🙁

Even when I do get a blowjob at these hot tocs, the girls will only suck my dick for about five seconds at a time and then they go back to giving me a painful aggressive handjob. Somebody really needs to train these broads… Maybe they should take a trip to Thailand and visit the blowjob bars in Bangkok for some training? These girls are pros! 😀

Finally I say FUCK THIS OK I WANT BOOM BOOM!!! I chuck her a few hundred thousand more and she takes her pants off. Maybe that was her plan? To give such a horrible performance that I opt for the boom boom?

She hands me a condom and of course, it’s some no name brand and it’s super fuckin tight! I mean so ridiculously small I can’t even get it on. I’m wrestling with this thing while my boner is rapidly fading away.

PRO TIP. Bring your own condoms and lube when mongering. The stuff they provide will be shit. Read my choice for best condoms on the market.

Finally I get this tiny little rubber squeezed onto my dick and I mount this bitch. She’s actually looking pretty good laying there spread eagle waiting for me to enter. 😀

I spit on my hand and tried to apply it the dry rubber to lube things up. This chick slaps my hand and says NO!

What the fuck? This thing is so dry there’s no way it’s sliding in! OK fuck it I will try… Of course I’m just stuck there scared to move because I’m going to pop this tiny rubber. I don’t want to end up balls deep and bare back in this 15 dollar slam pig…

So now I’m slowly trying to fuck this chick with my dry cock and she’s telling me OK NOW YOU FINISH! FINISH NOW!

What the fuck? I just worked my way in there sweetheart. Let me enjoy myself for a few minutes. Then she actually starts slapping me! Not hard, but light slaps on my shoulder while screaming for me to hurry up and finish.

She has this pissed off look on her face while she’s literally pushing me and slapping me telling me to HURRY UP AND FINISH! That’s when I had enough.

I jumped up and pulled off the condom. I grabbed my clothes and started getting dressed. Of course she was yapping away to her friend through the curtain the whole time so whore number two pops her head in and they start screaming more.

I quickly get dressed and storm out of there. Shit was so aggravating! Really it was starting to feel like a rape scenario and I didn’t get any pleasure out of it whatsoever. Hey, I don’t need a hooker to hug me and tell me they love me but I’m not trying to get slapped and yelled at either. The point of this story is…

Mongering Sucks In Vietnam!

If you want easy sex with cute girls then just go to Thailand. In Thailand there are tons of girls who are cool, fun to hang out with and down to fuck for some extra cash. There are “semi pros” everywhere in the tourist area.

These girls will hang out with you for an hour, all night, all week or all month! Up to you! They will really act like your girlfriend the whole time too. Hell, I’m still friends with several working girls in Bangkok. They’re just cool chicks that I enjoy hanging out with. It’s like all the good parts of having a girlfriend with none of the negatives!

The hookers in Vietnam are much more hardened and cut throat. I’ve never met any cool, sweet girls who just want to make a little extra money each night. It’s either good girls, or ruthless prostitutes.

The hookers in Vietnam want you to pay up front, then hurry up and nut as quickly as possible. If they see any opportunity to steal from you, they will. One time I was getting a BJ and I caught the bitch reaching into my pocket for my wallet! I really wanted to kick the shit out of her but I kept my cool.

These girls will try to overcharge you every time and do the LEAST amount of work they can possibly get away with. I mean really, so bad that I’ve walked out on girls before finishing. What kind of shit is that??!

I understand that fucking guys for money is not their dream career, but it’s their reality. They might as well embrace it and try to be good at it! There are some very successful hookers in this world. Even an average looking older woman can be very successful if she puts forth a little effort.

Be friendly, fun and suck my dick with some enthusiasm. It’s really that simple. If this girl sucked me off good I would most definitely go back for her! Guys visit these places to relax and unwind. I’m not there to do some hard bargaining and argue while trying to get my nut off.

Good service = Repeat customers. When you go to Kasalong BJ bar in Bangkok they are so nice and friendly. The girls there welcome you with open arms and treat you like a rock star. That’s why I keep going back!

In Vietnam, they just want to overcharge you, rob you and do as little work as possible… OK great, this chick made $15 and did minimal work… If she put forth a little effort I would go back every other day! This is what they don’t understand…

And sadly, it’s not just hookers who have this greedy money grubbing behavior. A lot of people in Vietnam have this snatch and run mentality. Grab everything you can from the rich foreigners! There are scammers and thieves that target tourists in every country, but the ones in Vietnam are by far the most aggressive and cunning.

I have hundreds of scam stories it’s incredible. Just the other day I joined a new gym. I asked the guy working there – “how much for one month?”

He says – “300,000 VND.”

A Vietnamese kid walks by me and I ask him – “how much do you pay for one month?”

The kid says – “130,000 VND.”

I look back at the guy working and he says “OK OK 130,000 VND.”

FUCKER! I’m telling you this type of shit happens every day with every single thing you do. Another time I walked into a travel agency and asked the guy – “how much does it cost to extend a tourist visa?”

He looks me up and down and says – “what’s the most that you can pay?”

Haha really? I just laughed in his face and walked out… I always laugh it off, but I swear one day I’m going to snap.

Maybe that’s why tourist numbers are plummeting in Vietnam? The reason is simple. The place is a pain in the ass! It’s not just the mongering that sucks. Everything is more difficult compared to the neighboring countries. I could write a list but that’s not really the point of this post…

Advice For Mongering In Vietnam

My advice is proceed with caution. You already know how to find a guest friendly hotel. Here’s a list of guest friendly hotels in Saigon. Be sure to take the standard safety precautions… Lock up valuables, don’t go out with large sums of money. Keep your ATM card locked up so you don’t lose it.

Mongering in Vietnam is hit or miss. I’ve had some fun adventures, but overall it’s a waste of time and money. If you live there then I would suggest finding a few good hookers and keeping them on call.

I know one particular hot toc where the lady gives a great BJ with no hassles. She’s friendly and takes my load with a smile! 😀 Therefore, I visit her whenever I’m in that area.

Keep your expectations realistic. If you want to have a threesome with some sexy twenty year old girls in cheer leader uniforms then Pattaya would be a better choice.

Dating Good Girls In Vietnam

Vietnam is a beautiful and interesting country. It’s absolutely worth visiting! But if you are looking for the “next Thailand” this is not it.

The good news is, there are plenty of good girls that are super sweet and sexy. Generally speaking, they are conservative and most are looking for a serious relationship. You can read my post How To Meet Girls in Vietnam.

dating vietnamese girls online

Vietnamese girls are amazing and I love dating the good girls there. The mongering is just awful and it really doesn’t interest me anymore…

If you put in a little effort you can be banging cute, sweet, good girls. It will cost you nothing but your time and a little effort. I think it’s worth it. If you want a Sex Holiday in Asia I suggest you look elsewhere.

OK sorry for the rant. Back to the fun stuff soon I promise! 😀