What’s up guys!

Another great weekend here in paradise. Hope all is well in your corner of the world. Man… I was balls deep in all kinds of pussy this weekend… I hardly had any time to work on this site! Sorry about that. Stay tuned… I have some changes coming along with a bunch of new content.Β Here’s what my penis did this weekend.

Friday Evening Fuck Session – Sexy Little Spinner

Friday afternoon I was texting with my sexy little spinner… This girl is 24 but she looks dangerouslyΒ young… She’s so short and skinny I feel uncomfortable even walking in public with her haha! But don’t worry. She is 24 and I saw the proof. πŸ˜‰

We were chatting for a while and then I got a text saying “This is ‘spinners’ boyfriend. Why you want to meet her?” Then nothing….

Hmmm was that for real? I know this chick has a boyfriend. Is she really chatting with me while he’s in the room?

A few hours later I get a text from her as if nothing happened. I said “hey your boyfriend texted me.” She said REALLY? Then she looked at her messages and said “that’s strange he never asked me about it.” Apparently she was sleeping and he was looking at her phone. Hmmm ok…

This girl told her boyfriend that we chat because she wants to practice English. But what she didn’t tell him is that we have met several times and I fucked her good and deep each time. πŸ˜›


Our First Meeting

Well I didn’t bang her on the first visit. I still remember the first time she met me at my room. She looked like a scared rabbit standing outside of my building. I brought her into my room and we sat on my bed to watch a movie. I sat real close to her and we started chatting. I eventually put my arms around her and went in for the kiss.

She didn’t kiss me back… But she didn’t try to get away either. She just whispered “we are friends… We can not…” I slid my hands up her thin smooth legs and up her skirt until I reached her panty line. I brushed my fingers around her pussy without actually touching it… The whole time I was gently kissing her neck and ear lobe…

Finally I spread her legs and slid her panties to the side. Her tight little shaved pussy was dripping wet… I gently massaged her pussy lips with my fingers and she started to moan… Then she jumped up and said NO we can not! You are making me be bad! Shortly after that she was out the door. πŸ™

Later that day I got a message from her saying “you make me so wet! Hard to control myself with you!” That’s when I knew… She needed a good hard fucking. Luckily, I’m the right man for the job! We have hooked up several times since then and she is one of the best pieces of pussy I’ve had in a long time.

Fast Forward To Friday

Friday’s visit was routine for us. She told her boyfriend she was going to meet a friend… But she took a taxi to my home. She walks in the door and I begin closing the curtains in preparation of this pussy massacre that’s about to take place. πŸ™‚

She always plays this little game pretending we are “just friends” and “can not.” She says these words while she is kissing me and stroking my big hard cock through my shorts. πŸ™‚

Her tiny little pussy and butthole are so nice that I MUST lick and suck her undercarriage for a good thirty minutes every time we meet. I don’t think she’s used to getting her pussy licked… She doesn’t seem to enjoy it but I don’t give a shit. I lick her clean from clit to ass crack and she is absolutely flawless…

I really wish I could make a mould of her pussy. Every time I slide inside of her I want to explode right away. I find myself thinking about random shit so I can hold out longer… Things like the presidential race in America. The time I was getting chased by the cops. The time I had food poisoning in Bangkok. Anything to keep from blowing my load in under two minutes. I really want to take my time and enjoy this pussy…

My technique of visual distraction works and I get in the zone. I pump her pussy slowly in every possible position. The whole time I’m fucking her she’s making these little squealing noises like the Japanese girls do in those pornos… This really sets me off and now I’m squeezing my nut sack trying to hold back the explosion…

Really guys, when I see this sexy tight Asian babe laying on her back, with her skinny legs pinned back behind her ears, and my big hard cock hanging out of her, I think to myself… This is it…. A fuckin meteor can collide with the earth right now and kill all of civilization. I don’t give a shit. I have lived a happy life. I died doing exactly what I want to be doing! πŸ˜€

I noticed there were bloody pussy juice stains all over my nice white sheets so I figured it was time for the grand finale. I slow stroked her in the missionary position until my cum cannon erupted inside of her tight fertile fuck hole.

Pussy So Good I Gotta Fuck Twice!

I get a lot of pussy out here… But every once in a while a girl comes along and I think man… This one is special. I mean she is so beautiful. Flawless from head to toe. Petite, farm fresh look, just my type. If you looked at her you would NEVER think she’s into getting plowed by strangers she met online… You never know with these girls! πŸ˜›

Another thing about this girl… I ALWAYS fuck her twice every time we meet. I’m in my thirties now and I get a laid a lot… Therefore I rarely have the need / desire to fuck a girl twice within an hour or so. It still happens on occasion, but once every 12 hours is usually good enough for me.

With this girl I roll over and rest for 15 minutes… Then I start squeezing her tight little ass… And what do you know… I suddenly have a hard on again! πŸ˜› She’s a submissive little thing. Always happy to please me. When she sees me getting hard she starts stroking my cock, kissing me and licking my nipples.

Then I pick her up and place her on my hard dick. Watching her ride me is pure heaven… The way she moans. The way her eyes roll back in her head and she grabs her tiny little tits as she grinds her pussy onto me even harder… Man it’s easy to fall for these girls! Asian women are simply incredible.

I kept the second bang short because I could see she was in pain from our previous session. I laid her on her flat on her stomach and straddled her. I squeezed her tight little butt cheeks while I drilled her pussy from behind. It wasn’t long before I released another hot load into her. Our dirty little secret… πŸ˜‰

Horny On A Saturday Afternoon – Session With Slam Pig

Saturday afternoon rolled around and I was sitting at a cafe trolling Asian Dating on my iPhone. I like to check out girls in Saigon but I also did some searches in several cities in the Philippines in preparation for my trip… Well all this searching for pussy make my cock swell up and the pre cum was starting to dribble out and leave a wet spot on my trousers. πŸ™ Shit! I need to handle this… No way I can wait until tonight to fuck something…

So I opened up viber and messaged the sluttiest slam pig I know… This little tramp absolutely loves getting fucked by western dick and she’s not shy about it.

I met her about one year ago. You can find her on Asian Dating, Vietnam Cupid, Badoo and every other place where whores hunt for white dick. Her Facebook is littered with western guys leaving comments and liking her shit. Most definitely a bad girl… So it’s my duty to give her what she wants… A good hard pounding until I dump my hot cum deep inside her pussy!

Funny thing is, this girl also has a boyfriend! At least her boyfriend is out of the country… I give her a pass for that. Oh and she’s also married to a Vietnamese guy but they are just technically married… He lives in another city and she hasn’t even seen him in years. So she says…

I had fun tossing this girl up last year but we kind of drifted apart. Then one time I invited her out for drinks and she said she was tired so she wanted to stay home… I went out to the club that night and surprise!!! There she was with another guy! I’m telling you these girls are scandalous… Well I doubt any of them are as bad as me so I can’t really talk shit. After that I just stopped texting her so we didn’t meet for a while.

A few months ago I texted her out of the blue and we hooked up again. After that we’ve been meeting pretty steady at least once per week. It’s always the same routine. I text her and ask if she has free time. She will either say OK be there in one hour… Or she will say maybe tomorrow… But she is always reliable.

I like her because she knows the deal… We don’t have feelings for each other but we are friends who enjoy fucking for sport. I text her Saturday afternoon and she said she had time. “See you at 3PM.”

She arrived on time. She walked into my room and poured herself a glass of water as I closed the curtains. Without any conversation we began passionately making out. I stripped her down to her underwear then I got naked. I made her get down on her knees and start blowing me while I was standing up.

I told her to “open your mouth wide” and then I stuffed my entire nut sack into her mouth. I told her to keep my balls in your mouth and move your tongue around. Then I put her hand on my cock so she could stroke it while she was sucking my nut sack. Mmmm seeing this pretty little slut on her knees with her tiny mouth wrapped around my sack just about sent me to the moon. I was moaning out loud with pleasure.

She moved her head backΒ and a long line of spit was going from my nut sack to her pretty wet lips. We smiled at me and said “you like it???” I said “fuck yeah I like it baby. Do it again!” She smiled and opened up wide again as I gently stuffed my entire nut sack into her mouth.

God there is nothing better then a woman who enjoys pleasing a man. I mean I could see it in her eyes that she really got turned on by making me moan with pleasure. These are the types of girls you keep around, regardless of their bullshit.

She was sucking my dick so good that I didn’t want to stop her… I felt myself coming closer to orgasm so I decided to pick her up and lay her on my bed. I love a good blow job but I really wanted to cum inside her shaved little pussy. I mounted this pretty little fuck toy and slammed her in every position. Then I finished with my signature cream pie deep inside her pussy.

She loves to feel me cum inside her… This really gets her off and she goes wild when I start to nut. She always says “oh yesss I can feel you cumming inside me! It’s so hot!” πŸ™‚ God bless these girls… Maybe I will buy her a dozen roses tomorrow just to show my appreciation. Really, it’s not every day you find a girl out here who will suck your balls with a smile and not expect a damn thing from you. πŸ™‚

Really, we NEVER go on dates. The first time I met her we had coffee. Never again. No dinners, no clubbing, nothing. Strictly rough sex in my tiny apartment. Then she’s out the door within the hour. I always feel awkward like should I invite her to lunch or something??? But she always showers, quickly gets dressed and says “ok see you!” πŸ™‚ This girl is trouble… But she sure is fun!

Cream Pie Hall Of Fame – Eighteen Year Old College Student

I was just relaxing on Saturday night and I had no plans to chase skirt or go party. My eighteen year old fuck toy texted me and said she was bored at home and she wanted to meet me… I wrote about her before in this post. My nuts were already drained and I’m trying to cut back on the booze so I was planning to just stay home alone this night…

Then I started thinking back about how tight her little snapper was and I started to get that tingling feeling in my balls… Hmmm OK I’m coming to get you now darling! πŸ™‚

I picked her up at her apartment on my motorbike. That shit is far away and I don’t plan on doing that anymore… Take a fuckin taxi god damn it. I brought her back to my place so we could just chill and watch some movies.

My white sheets were a mess with cream pie bloody pussy juice stains so I quickly shut off all the lights when she starts removing all the covers on my bed. We get comfortable and turn on a movie.

It’s not long before my hands start wandering all over her tight little body. Man… This girl is a hottie. So funny because when I saw her on Asian Dating I thought, ehhh…. Her pics are horrible. She looks young, nerdy and she’s not even hot. Her face is very average. She doesn’t wear make up or do her hair.

She certainly doesn’t stand out of a crowd. She texted me and I wasn’t really interested. I only met her because one night all my other girls flaked. Damn I’m happy I made this decision.

Her body is so nice! Tight little bubble butt. Perfect perky hand full titties. Flat stomach. Silky smooth skin. On top of that she is so fun in bed! She absolutely loves sex and she’s up for everything.

She’s obviously inexperienced but she’s eager to learn. She was sucking my dick surprisingly well and she kept stopping to say “do you like it” This feel good? I want you to teach me OK? Tell me what feels good for you!” I said sure babe! I’m happy to be your teacher! πŸ˜›

I had her gagging on my meat for a good thirty minutes before laying her down and licking her pussy. You guys know how much I love licking pussy… And this girl really loves getting her pussy sucked! I took my time and gave it to her as best as I could. I was down there for a while and I made her cum hard two times. She was screaming, shaking and saying “OH MY GOD THANK YOU! THANK YOU!” Hahaha! πŸ˜€

Damn I love licking pussy. So much fun! It’s even more fun when I see the girl really enjoys it. Oh by the way, I learned how to suck pussy by reading She Comes First by Ian Kerner. Check out that book if you want to learn how to please the ladies. πŸ˜›

After that long oral session I climbed on top of her and slid my dick inside her. Her pussy is really tiny so I need to take it easy with her. She always says “slowly, not too deep!” I know she’s not used to a thick hog like mine, so I just slow stroked her in a few positions until I was ready to blast. I dumped a heavy load into her tight snapper, rolled over and went to bed.

Sunday Morning – Coffee and Cream Pies

Sunday morning I woke up and started playing with the my eighteen year old girls butt. She was wearing one of my T shirts with no panties… She was curled up in the fetal position sleeping with her full pussy and butt hole on display. This aroused me instantly so I licked my finger tips and began stroking her pussy lips…

I find most girls are really wet first thing in the morning. Is this the female equivalent of “morning wood?” I wake up with a hard on and the ladies wake up with glistening moist beef curtains ready for action. Maybe it’s the hormones in your body peaking during those hours? OK enough with the science class.

I invaded that pussy from behind and she squealed as I slid my cock into her balls deep. Rise and shine bitch. Time for you to pay the rent! πŸ˜›

She was obviously not into it at that hour and I was feeling lazy myself… So I just pumped her pussy for about five minutes before unloading inside of her. Shortly after we showered and hit the road. Not a bad way to start the day! πŸ™‚ We had a bite to eat and then I dropped her off at home.

On my way back to my hood I stopped into a cafe for a black coffee… I opened up my phone and saw a message from my sexy little spinner. She said she was going to be in my neighborhood around lunch time and she wanted to meet! πŸ˜€

I was thinking what the fuck… I really don’t even want sex right now. My nuts have been getting drained all weekend and I needed a break. Plus I was starting to get a cold and a sore throat… Maybe it’s AIDS? Or maybe it was all the butt holes I licked this weekend? πŸ˜›

Well I have no self control so I reluctantly said “yes sure I will be home around 12…” I pulled up in front of my buildingΒ and there she was! I walked into my building with her and the people working at the desk were looking at me like I was crazy. I’ve brought so many chicks to my room in the past few months it’s insane they put up with me… I should probably give it a rest.

I’m clean, quiet and polite so they remain silent and look the other way. I appreciate this and I hope they continue to allow me to run my cream pie factory out of their property. πŸ™‚

OK I’ll spare you the details of this one. Same as our Friday session. Walk in, close door, chit chat, I start kissing her and squeezing her butt… She says “hey we are just friends!” Then I drill her tight little pussy in every position. πŸ˜›

Amazingly, I fucked her twice in a row that afternoon too. I told you this girl was special… Man she is just perfect and I would be content with banging her every single day! That’s why, when she has free time, I stop what I’m doing and meet her. I know one day this arrangement will come to an end but I will milk this pretty little pussy for every last drop of fun! πŸ˜€

Weekend Wrap Up

So that was my weekend. Three chicks. Seven loads. Three different chicks within 24 hours. Am I proud of this? No. I don’t say this to brag. I’m a horny fuck but I’m also somewhat intelligent. I recognize this is reckless behavior and down right disgusting at times. But hey, I’m having fun with it for now. Another weekend in paradise…