I always talk about how much I love Thai women. I really do think they are the best women on the planet but there are some things about them that drive me fuckin crazy!!! Here are my top three.

1. Always late. I have never had a Thai girl show up on time for a date. If a girl tells you she will meet you at 8:00 just plan on seeing her at 9:00. I find they’re usually 45 minutes to an hour late every time!

Many will blame this on Bangkok traffic but I’m sure they were just in the mirror trying to get pretty. Be sure to meet somewhere you don’t mind waiting such as your apartment or a bar where you can have a few drinks. I never wait for them on some street corner, fuck that!

2. Jealousy. All women get jealous but Thai women are especially jealous and clingy very early in a relationship. This character trait has ruined some of my relationships in the past.

Some will bring up other women in every conversation. “You have ladies there?” “You go to massage today?” “How many Thai ladies you date before me?”

It’s important you correct this crazy behavior right away. Tell her you are a good man and you will not accept being treated like that! If you put up with her shit it will never end.

3. Cell Phones. Thai girls are glued to their stupid fuckin smart phones. A smart phone is usually the most expensive item a Thai girl owns.

Most girls I know have no car, live in a shitty little apartment for 5,000 Baht a month but they all have the newest smart phone. An iPhone or Samsung Galaxy.

They always keep their phone in their hand and check it constantly. Even on dates which I find especially rude. I thought Americans were bad with this but in Thailand it is much much worse.

You will often get stuck walking behind a girl in Bangkok who is texting and walking down the street at the same time. Take the sky train and every single girl will be texting or surfing the web. Drive past any bar or massage parlor during the day and you will see all the working girls face down in their smart phone.

It felt good to get that off my chest! Regardless of these minor issues Thai women are still the sweetest, sexiest most feminine women on the planet. Those big dark eyes and long dark hair drive me crazy everytime. Their silky smooth tan skin and big smile melt my heart.

Best of all, their positive and carefree outlook on life is infectious and I love having that influence in my life. Sometimes you need to just relax and enjoy what you have. It’s good to have goals but there is always something in your life you can be appreciative of.

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