I would like to share a simple trick I use to pick up foreign girls. I used this trick in Thailand many times and it has a very high rate of success. Please also read How To Meet and Seduce Beautiful Thai Women.

Many times you will see a cute girl but it will be a bad time to try and talk to her. Some of the times I used this is when I see a girl working at my hotel and she is around many of her co workers.

Another time a girl was at the temple with her family. One night a cute girl was at a restaurant sitting at a big table with her friends and many Thai men.

These are situations where even if a girl likes you, she may feel uncomfortable about talking with you while other people are watching. Here’s what I do…

I will write a very simple note in Thai with my name, Thai phone number and Line ID. These girls almost always add me on line shortly after they receive the note. They often mention how they are impressed I wrote her in Thai.

It says, “I think you are very beautiful. Would you give me a call?” Name, Thai number, Line ID.

That’s it. Short and sweet. I suggest you keep a few of these notes in your wallet for that odd time you can’t speak to a girl you are attracted to.

I have also used this in the mall while a girl was working and busy with customers.

Just be careful about pulling the note out of your wallet in front of her. She will see you obviously keep a stack of notes ready to pick up girls.

You want her to think you like her so much you took the time to write her a sweet personal note.

You want to talk with her first. At least smile and catch eye contact so she is aware of you. Everytime I used the note trick it was after I had some sort of small talk or business transaction with the girl.

They checked me into my hotel, or sold me something at the mall, etc. Then at some point before I leave I approach her and say – “Nice talking with you! Goodbye, here I want you to have this.” Then slip her the note in a discreet manner.

Most of the time she will quickly read it, smile and put it in her purse. Later you will see a new contact add you on Line!!!

This is the note I use but feel free to try your own variation. Also be aware that this is not written in actual Thai writing. It is the English transliteration of the Thai script.

If you really want to impress her you can try to write it in actual Thai script but I suggest you keep it simple.

You don’t want to use google translator or some other translation service that will give you some bogus pick up line that makes no sense. They will understand the english version of the Thai language just fine.

Girls love cute romantic shit like this. Try it for yourself!