I just recently spent some time in Laos and I got several messages asking about how it was and if Laos is worth a visit… I did not spend much time in Vientiane but I will give you my opinions and you can decide if Laos is worth adding to your itinerary. So here it is gentlemen! My official location review of Vientiane, Laos.

Vientiane Women Rating: 1/5

I think Lao women are some of the most beautiful women in all of Asia. They carry themselves with such class and elegance I caught myself just starring at groups of women coming and going on my street. Most are very conservative and they often wear the traditional dresses that cover up most of their body. These girls are nothing like Bangkok girls… I saw very few heavily tattooed girls running around in mini skirts ready to hit the club.

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I love the traditional dresses. They don’t show off any curves but they are sexy in a strange way. The few girls I talked to were extremely friendly and had smiles that light up a room. Charming young ladies. However, they were never flirtatious and I never felt that vibe that I could take them to my room and fuck them that night… I sincerely believe that your average Lao girl is a good girl with values.

I chatted with several Lao girls I met on Asian Dating but I never met any of them on dates… Yeah I know, you guys probably want to hear some wild stories about my time in Laos but the truth is I didn’t do shit. I was so burnt out from my previous three months of non stop partying in Bangkok that a week of quiet relaxation was welcome. But if you want to chat with good Lao girls then Asian Dating is the best site for that. If you’re curious you can sign up for free and browse some of their profiles. Most are looking for husbands.

Pay for Play in Vientane, Laos

I was told there are freelancers hanging around all the major bars and restaurants. These girls operate like freelancers in any city. They will be dressed sexy and smiling at any foreigner that walks by. I didn’t see any but I didn’t look either. There are also plenty of massage shops where I’m sure a generous tip will get you some extras. Again, I did not partake on this trip.

The tuk tuk guys were always asking to bring me to get a lady. “You want a lady? Nice lady for you!” No thanks guys… I read there are some brothels tucked away in the city but the thought of that just gave me the creeps. Who knows where these guys would bring you. If you want to fuck Lao girls you are better off finding them in Thailand. There are plenty of ethnic Lao ladies working in the adult industry there.

Here’s another reason why I was hesitant to hook up with a girl in Laos… It’s illegal!!!

Yes you read that right. A foreigner is not allowed to sleep with a Lao citizen without being married and having the proper documents. Even if you are married you need to carry your papers in case you are stopped by police… That’s some crazy shit right there. Read this from the Laos travel website.

Relationship with Lao citizens: Lao law prohibits sexual contact between foreign citizens and Lao nationals except when the two parties have been married in accordance with Lao Family Law. Any foreigner who enters into a sexual relationship with a Lao national risks being interrogated, detained, arrested, or fined. Lao police have confiscated passports and imposed fines of up to $5,000 on foreigners who enter into unapproved sexual relationships. The Lao party to the relationship may be jailed without trial. Foreigners are not permitted to invite Lao nationals of the opposite sex to their hotel rooms; police may raid hotel rooms without notice or consent.

This is the reason Laos takes a major hit on the Women Rating. I’m not sure how serious this law is enforced but I didn’t want to find out. Do not go to Laos for the women. Thailand is a short flight away and you can live your wildest fantasies there.

The good news is there are a lot of female tourists in Laos and you can bang them all you want! There were several young white girls staying at my guest house and they were always outside getting drunk. They are the hippy back packer type which can’t even get my dick hard but you might be into that. I heard one girl getting pounded out at night so somebody got a hold of her.

Also, my plane landed at the same time as a flight from Guangzhou, China. I saw quite a few cute Chinese girls walking around in their mini skirts and high heels. There are plenty of tourists around to hit on but don’t come to Laos to hook up with women. Go for the laid back vibe and the beautiful scenery.

However if you want to meet a good Asian girl that is marriage material I think Laos is a good place to look. You can find a good traditional conservative girl who would make a great wife. After living in Bangkok for a year I don’t trust these Thai girls for a second. In Laos you have a better chance of finding true love with a loyal woman and not some girl who will date anyone who pays her bills. Just expect to take things slow with these Lao girls.

Vientiane Cost of Living: 3/5

Overall Vientiane is pretty cheap. There are plenty of cheap guest houses to stay at in the city. The local beer “Beerlao” is delicious and cheap. I believe it is the best beer in South East Asia and if they sold it at more places in Thailand I would drink this exclusively. Also be sure to try the Beerlao Dark. One thing I miss about America is a good dark craft beer. Beerlao dark isn’t that… But it’s better then your average Singha or Tiger beer.

I found the food and taxis to be a bit more expensive then Thailand but I also blame this on me being the “dumb tourist” who didn’t know where to go or how much things cost. I’m sure I over paid for things but regardless I wouldn’t say Laos is expensive. I have no idea about long term rentals because I wouldn’t stay long term. For a relaxed visa run it’s a good place for a few days.

Vientiane Quality of Life Rating: 2/5

My first impression of Vientiane was wow… This place is clean, quiet and peaceful. Vientiane is the capital city of Laos but really it feels more like a village. With a population of less then 1,000,000 people it’s probably easier to keep things clean and organized. Still I think other cities in South East Asia need to take Vientiane as a good example. A typical city in this region is a filthy, stinking, polluted mess. In Vientiane there is no trash in the streets, landscaping is neat and manicured and you can cross the street without getting run over by hundreds of motorbikes.

Unfortunately being clean and quiet also makes Vientiane boring. There isn’t much going on in this city. Bars and restaurants close by midnight but there are a few late night spots in the city. I didn’t care to party while I was in Vientiane but I would quickly get bored if I lived there long term.

I met several expats who were older and had beautiful young Lao wives. They seemed content to spend their days relaxing on the riverside or running small businesses with their wives. I could see that being a good life but for the Single Man there are much better places out there. The guys I met had lived in Thailand for years and got tired of the madness. If that is you then maybe you would appreciate the laid back lifestyle of Laos.

Lao people are some of the nicest people I’ve met in South East Asia. Everywhere I went people were very kind and happy to talk to with me. Thailand has the nickname “Land of Smiles” but Laos might be more deserving of that title. The tuk tuk driver who drove me places for several days actually bought me a Beerlao and invited me to drink with him and the other guys on the street. I ended up getting drunk with these guys mid day sitting by the river. That’s never happened to me in Thailand. Most people I see on a daily basis in Bangkok want me to buy something and go away.

I wish I had more time to travel within the country and I will go back to see Luang Prubang one day. If you ride a motorcycle then Laos has some amazing scenery and I also plan to do a cross country trip at some point. I think that would be great fun to get a group of guys together and take a week to just cruise around to different villages.

Laos is a beautiful and interesting country but I don’t see myself living there. It’s far too quiet and the laws against foreigners dating locals seals that deal for me.


Women: 1/5

Cost of Living: 3/5

Quality of Life: 2/5

Vientiane, Laos – Single Man’s Paradise Rating: 6/15

I enjoyed my short stay in Laos and I will be going back someday. I would never live there long term but if you are traveling through the region I recommend you visit. It’s clean, quiet and the people are extremely friendly! If you like being outdoors riding motorcycles or visiting temples then you will love it in Laos.

If you want some company I suggest bringing a girl from Thailand. If you enjoy a laid back rural lifestyle and you are ready to settle down and get married then you may enjoy living in Laos. For the Single Man you are better off in a different location. Read more location reviews here.