What’s up guys!

More news on the visa situation here in Vietnam. I have been patiently waiting for the new one year multi entry tourist visa to be available for Americans. They announced this earlier in the year but it seems it’s actually available now. Of course, it becomes available just days after I did a visa run and got a new three month visa… Oh well. 🙁

One Year Multi Entry Tourist Visa For Americans Visiting Vietnam

I just read this story on Saigoneer. Apparently the old single entry visa for $25 is no longer available and Americans MUST apply for the one year visa… Which is $135! 

I’m not complaining. It’s a great deal for me seeing that I live here. But for you guys who just want to visit for a few weeks… Who the FUCK wants to pay $135 for a visa? That’s outrageous. This must be some kind of a mistake.

One thing I’ve learned over the past few years living in Vietnam is that the visa situation is constantly changing… Before I did visa extensions, then they stopped doing them… Then started doing them again. Then stopped again… Now this new visa is available.

Regardless, I think this is great news for guys who want to base themselves in Vietnam long term but I think the government is making a huge mistake by doing away with the cheaper, short term, single entry visas. American travelers coming to the region might scratch Vietnam off the itinerary because of such a high visa fee. If you’re just coming to Vietnam for a week or so that is a high price to pay.

Fear not my friends! Many other countries have visa waivers for short visits. Plus the laws are constantly changing here so who knows what the future holds.