So today I was jacking off to some Filipina porn… Uhh I mean, doing my research on my upcoming trip to the Philippines… When I came across this article on FHM.

The Sexiest Women in The Philippines

It’s a nice line up. I doubt they are the sexiest girls in all of the Philippines… But I enjoyed the photos.

FHM’s list of the 100 sexiest women in the world is simply ridiculous and they should be ashamed of themselves for publishing such nonsense…

Khloe Kardashian??! I’d rather bone the scariest ladyboy in Nana Plaza then hit the sheets with that monster. OK they need to sell their shitty magazine, I get it.

Reading these lists had me thinking about the sexiest girls in Asia. Back in America I dated Latin women exclusively. Mostly Puerto Rican girls. They have that fat round ass, sexy lips, smooth tan skin, dark eyes, dark hair and a sex drive that was even a bit much for me to handle at times.

My girl would constantly wake me up in the middle of the night by rubbing my cock and whispering in my ear she wants to fuck… Of course I would fuck her morning and night as well. These chicks love dick! 😀

Now that I’m living in Asia I’m absolutely obsessed with Asian women. There’s no going back for me! They are so sweet, sexy and they just ooze femininity. I love them! They aren’t wild in bed like the Latinas I dated but I’ve grown to like the submissive nature of most Asian babes.

Filipina women seem to be an interesting blend of Asian and Latin blood. If they combine the sweet and sexy nature of Asian girls with the wild sex drive of the Latinas it could be a winning combination. Ability to speak English is another HUGE plus. I can’t wait to visit the Philippines and meet some of these girls! 😀

I get a crazy amount of messages from Filipina girls on Asian Dating. I want you to try something… Sign up for Asian Dating. It’s free and only takes a few minutes to set up your profile. Put up a nice picture of yourself. If you’re a white guy you will get dozens of messages / likes within the first 24 hours!

They are by far the most aggressive and outgoing girls on that website. I’d say my incoming messages are ten Filipina girls for every one message from another country. I have a feeling it’s going to be fun down in the Philippines! 😀

The Sexiest Women in Asia

Since I’ve been living in Asia I notice my taste in women is changing a bit. I used to like the dark skinned Isaan girls in Thailand and the Khmer girls in Cambodia. I still find them sexy but now I’m finding myself more attracted to the east Asian looking girls.

Chinese, Japanese and Korean girls are so fine… I must say that I have seen several Korean girls in Vietnam and they are absolutely stunning. Just flawless from head to toe and I couldn’t even take my eyes off of them! 😀

Regardless of your preference, I highly recommend signing up for Asian Dating. It’s free to join and there are sexy girls from all over Asia on this site!

It’s interesting to search different cities to see what the women are like there. I will bang my way through all of these locations eventually. Subscribe for updates! 😀

What Country Has The Sexiest Women in Asia?

I’d like to hear your opinion. I’m not very well traveled so I can only speak on places I’ve been.

So far, my opinion is Vietnamese girls are the sexiest girls in the world! I’m looking forward to visiting the Philippines, China, Japan and Korea as well.

Please cast your vote below in the comments!