What’s up Guys!

This post is for the expats and travelers who are into fitness. I advocate staying in shape all the time even when you’re on the road. Fitness is a critical part of the Single Man’s lifestyle. Read my recent post How To Build Muscle Fast. 

My preferred way of staying in shape is lifting weights. I used to be into bodybuilding when I lived in America. Unfortunately, I have lost a lot of weight since moving to Asia. I suspect it’s because of the change in diet, the heat, the binge drinking and inconsistent gym schedule due to travel…

I know, I know, excuses are for pussies! I’m slowly getting back to where I was… Now I want to share with you where I buy my bodybuilding supplements in South East Asia.

Do Supplements Really Work?

A quick word on supplements… A lot supplements are complete bullshit and totally unnecessary. The only supplements I take are Whey Protein, Creatine, Multi Vitamins and Fish Oil.

If you are on a proper diet then you don’t need any supplements at all but I find these ones do make a difference and they are worth the cost in my opinion.

At the very least, I recommend buying a quality multi vitamin and taking it daily. My favorite is THIS ONE available on Amazon. I also get good results when using creatine. Instead of buying over priced supplements you should spend your money on chicken, fish, eggs, rice, fruit, vegetables, etc… It’s all dirt cheap and better for you then some processed powders. Anyways, read my post about building muscle for more info on that.

I recommend bringing your own supplements from the western world if possible. There will be more options available and the prices will be cheaper. Quality, name brand supplements are expensive in this part of the world but I have found a few reliable sources since I’ve been living out here. Just wanted to share this list with you guys.

Bodybuilding Supplements in Thailand

Looking for bodybuilding supplements in Thailand? Check out Phuket Health Shop. They have a wide range of name brand stuff and they will ship anywhere in Thailand. They sent me several orders to my apartment in Bangkok and the transaction went smooth every time. They are also cheaper then any shops I found in Bangkok. Gyms usually have stuff at crazy inflated prices.

Bodybuilding Supplements in Vietnam

For Bodybuilding supplements in Vietnam, I recommend Bodybuilding.vn This shop conveniently located in District One of Ho Chi Minh City. They have the Optimum Nutrition Whey, Creatine and Multi Vitamins. It’s not cheap… But it’s the cheapest I’ve found in Vietnam. Supposedly they can ship anywhere in the country if you’re not living in Ho Chi Minh City.

Bodybuilding Supplements in Cambodia

I’ve never stayed in Cambodia long term so I don’t know where to buy supplements there… Maybe one of my readers can help me out. I found Supplement Cambodia and they look legit… But I’ve never dealt with them so proceed with caution.

I can vouch for the companies in Thailand and Vietnam as I’ve used them personally. Good luck guys… Did you go to the gym today?