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Are you attracted to beautiful women from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine? Then this post is for you! I want to tell you guys about Kovla.com.

Kovla is a dating website for Russia and nearby countries. It’s free to join and it’s loaded with sexy girls from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. You can sign up yourself and take a look.

I’m not in Russia but since I’m promoting the site I felt it’s my duty to sign up and have a look around. Some of the girls online are very, very hot… Here’s a few screen shots.

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Benefits to Online Dating

If you’re a member of the SMP tribe then you know how much I love online dating. It really is a game changer! Especially in foreign countries. When you travel to certain foreign countries it can be hard to meet the local women. Some of them don’t speak good English. Some might be married or have a boyfriend. Some might not be into foreign guys. You never know!

However, when you sign up for a dating website such as Kovla, then you know what the women are looking for… Chances are they joined the site so they can meet a foreign man! There’s no guessing games involved. Everyone is there to hook up!

I just love that I can log into my profile and message a bunch of girls from the comfort of my own home. Then I can narrow it down to the ones I match with the best and invite them out on a date. This saves so much time and money! Really I would be lost if it wasn’t for my favorite dating sites.

Hooking Up With Sexy Russian Women

If you are traveling to Russia then I recommend joining Kovla.com. The site is free to join, very user friendly and it only takes a minute to sign up. Then you can take a look at all the talent this part of the world has to offer!

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