If you read my previous post then you already know I was arrested in Thailand. I would like to expand on that post a bit and offer some important advice for any foreigners visiting the Kingdom of Thailand.

Me personally, I am a loner. There is nobodies company I enjoy more then my own. I know that sounds sad and depressing but it’s the truth. I prefer to live alone, travel alone and work alone. Bringing more people into any of those situations just complicates things so unless I am with a lady friend I am roaming solo. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not an anti social weirdo with no friends. Far from it. Back in America I have a ton of close friends and I have met some awesome people while traveling as well. Many I’m still in touch with and hope to meet up with them again in some corner of the planet.

That said… You must be careful who you trust! This goes for anywhere in the world but especially when traveling. You will often find yourself traveling alone and it’s easy to meet like minded individuals who share your interests. I can’t tell you how many times I was alone at a bar sipping a drink and just started chatting with another dude next to me. Our conversation turned into an epic night out in Bangkok where hit the clubs and picked up some beautiful girls. Good times!

There’s nothing wrong with that but I personally would not share too much information with these strangers. Yeah you heard me. STRANGERS! These people are not your friends and they wouldn’t give a fuck if your funeral is tomorrow. Thailand specifically is crawling with down and out farang who have been here way too long. They moved to Thailand a long time ago and their dream has turned into a nightmare. They hate it here and complain about every aspect of daily life but for some reason they refuse to go home. I guess the rent is cheaper and it’s easier to get a blowjob so they continue their miserable existence in Thailand.

You can usually find these guys hunched over a beer on Soi Nana during the day or on the Thai Visa forums talking shit about nothing and making negative comments about every single news article. These sad individuals are a cancer that must be avoided. They will tell you that Thailand is a corrupt sewer, Thai women only want your money and Thai people are smiling assassins.

These guys have been here for a long time and many are on their second or third wife… They can speak a bit of Thai and they know all the laws and rules better then the fuckin police force. Probably because they funded a small business for their bar girl wife that completely tanked and they lost their tiny life savings. Many are English teachers and some are retired and living off some measly pension that would have them living below the poverty line back in the West.

They all have one thing in common… They despise seeing a young farang come to Thailand and be successful. Their glory days are over. They are miserable here and they think you should be too! If you ask any of these guys advice on business in Thailand you will get responses like – “Don’t do it. Just take a million baht and burn it. It will save you some trouble.” Or “Why would any young person with opportunities come to Thailand? You must be crazy!” Or the classic “The only way to make a small fortune in Thailand is to start with a big one!”

You see, nothing worked for them in Thailand so of course nothing will possibly work for you! Why do you think you can make a living in Thailand if they tried and failed? That is their mentality.

Some will take it to another level… They will befriend you and turn you over to the police! Do you think I’m joking??! Trust me. I am not. That is exactly what happened to me. A FARANG sent the police in Thailand after me. For NO REASON. Ok I can understand if I did something wrong to this person. Swindled him out of money or did something bad behind his back… But no. We actually had a great conversation and shook hands minutes before the police walked over and got me.

I am still in shock over it. I’ve never had an under cover operation pulled on me! If I told you the details of the case you wouldn’t believe it either… Utterly ridiculous. They set me up like I was selling a shipment of Heroin. Once the police sorted things out they realized this too and let me walk for free.

And the scumbag farang? Who knows what his deal is. I still have his number and his text messages but I’m over it… I don’t know what I would do if I saw him on a dark street one night… But I’ll take the high road for now. I’m still living my dreams and life is good.

Important Note: Thailand has become well know for location independent business people. Someone just named Chiang Mai as the “Digital Nomad Capital of the World.” I believe it. It seems every blogger on the web has camped out in Thailand at some point in their careers. Even Tim Ferriss speaks about living in Bangkok and Chiang Mai in “The Four Hour Work Week.” This book is a cult classic amongst internet entrepreneurs and I consider it a must read. Thailand is a great place to live. It’s a fun and exotic country. There is reliable internet everywhere, low cost of living and good infrastructure. It’s the perfect place to save cash and live comfortably while you build your web business.

My advice to you people living the laptop lifestyle. KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!

I have read many discussions on the web about people making money online while traveling and is it really considered “working” as far as the law is concerned. My opinion is no. If you are not buying and selling a product or service in that particular country or reporting to a physical location then I don’t consider it work. But that’s just my opinion, not the law. I wouldn’t go telling anyone about it. If you are typing away on a lap top in your hotel room no one is going to give you any problems. You should be safe unless you tell the wrong person about how you are working online and living it up in Thailand!

How would you feel if you told your new buddy in Chiang Mai about your online business and then all of the sudden the police showed up at your door? They know your website, email address, phone number, they even read your text messages about business that you sent to your buddy! Think that’s crazy? Think it can’t happen? Think again!

Keep your business to yourself! Tell no one. Work alone in your hotel room. If someone asks you what you do in Thailand? Say, I am a tourist. WOW you have a long holiday! One year??! Yes. I worked hard to save up money for this trip!

If your visa says tourist, that’s what you are.

The world is full of scumbag losers and a lot of them have found their way to South East Asia. It’s not my intention to sound negative in this post. I just want to make people aware of the dangers of trusting the wrong people. Very few people in this world want to see you be successful and even less will help you. You really need to be careful who you trust. I prefer to be the lone warrior and avoid the drama.

My dream is to run a location independent business. You can bet your bottom dollar I will achieve my goals… But I’m not going to tell you about it if we happen to meet at a bar. Some things you should keep to yourself. I learned that the hard way. I wish you all much success.