The last month I spent dating in Bangkok things were starting to wear on me… I’m starting to see some very troubling behavior with a lot of Thai girls in Bangkok. Allow me to explain…

First of all, let me just say that Bangkok is the number one place to date and easily hook up with Thai girls. Just the incredible selection of girls alone makes it so easy to find a girl and get her naked! Read my article about How To Hook Up With Thai Girls.

Dating Thai Girls in Bangkok

Here’s the thing. Most Bangkok girls aren’t like the sweet, innocent, fun loving girls that I’ve met in smaller cities. I think the big city has a way of changing a girl for the worse. I believe this has a lot to do with the large number of foreigners in Bangkok.

Let’s face it, Bangkok is not “off the beaten path.” In fact, it’s ground zero for farang coming to south east Asia. Many are guys looking to hook up with Thai girls.

A lot of these guys come here and throw money around and the girls are getting spoiled. Of course, you will always have the bar girls and the gold diggers. But even the young college girls I met recently were acting like some spoiled brats.

For example, I asked one girl on a date and she said “maybe, where will you take me? I want Indian food and I like this nightclub.” Hmmm, OK. Darling, we will go where I decide to take you. Understand?

Is this bitch crazy? She already had a list of demands before we even met. She should just be happy that I want to meet her and take her out. See, she knows that there are 50 other guys on Thai Cupid right now who will take her wherever she wants to go. Probably stop by Siam Paragon and buy her some shoes too! But I’m not going to let some chick bark her demands at me. FUCK THAT!

I had a Thai girl ask me why I still have an iPhone 4… Because it works. Because I don’t have some 56 year old English man to buy me the iPhone 6. I had another girl say, “I don’t like your apartment.” I said, OK let’s go to your place. She says, “Ohh no cannot! I live with my family in a small room!” OK then shut the fuck up!

I have so many examples of this snotty behavior with Bangkok girls. Compare that to where I am currently, small town Vietnam. Just yesterday I asked my waitress out on a date. She said, “Ohh sorry I can not go eat with you tonight. I left my money at home.” I said, sweetheart I am inviting you out. You are my guest. Don’t worry about money!

After she finished work we went out for some Pho noodles at a small street stall and she was very appreciative I picked up the $4 bill… This girl doesn’t drink alcohol. During our date, her mom called her wondering why she wasn’t home yet. She texted me later that night to say thank you again. “You are very nice. I hope to see you again soon.”

This is why I love Asia! The sweet traditional girls. If I wanted to date a stuck up cunt I would stay in America. There are Asian girls there too! Well, they are twinkies… Yellow on the outside, white in the middle. 😉 I prefer a real Asian girl who hasn’t been corrupted by the consumer culture in America.

Don’t get me wrong, there are PLENTY of sweet young good girls in Bangkok, but you will have to sift through the spoiled brat gold diggers to find her. If you meet her online just be aware that she is probably chatting with other farangs. She’s probably dated a few and these guys probably already exposed her to the high society lifestyle.

When a girl is “farm fresh” she will be very impressed by the little things you do for her. Take her out, pull out the chair, act like a gentleman. Traditional girls greatly appreciate the small things. Chances are, her ex Thai boyfriend was a drunken womanizer with bad hygiene who treated her like complete garbage.

Now foreign guys are a dime a dozen out in Bangkok. If you are looking to use your “exotic appeal” to your advantage, I suggest going to some smaller cities with less foreigners.

Not only are there a lot of foreign guys living and working in Bangkok. Many of them have money to burn. I meet so many girls who have some older farang paying their rent and giving them some cash every month. This is what you have to compete with…

I still find it easy to meet girls on Thai Cupid or Thai Friendly and bang them. No problem! But if you keep them around for a while they will start to become a pain in the ass. That’s why I just stick and move. Never get too attached! There’s always more where that came from.

Bangkok is a great city for whore mongering and hooking up with college babes from Thai Cupid… But I don’t trust any of them for a second. If you want a real girlfriend I suggest going off the tourist track and finding a traditional young lady. That way you can date a girl who hasn’t been banged by every Tim, James and Alex. They are harder to get into bed but these days I prefer quality over quantity. Cheers!