What’s up guys!

There’s an interesting discussion going on in my forum. A guy asked if it’s right for a man to count prostitutes as actual “notches”, or bangs. For example, if you banged 50 good girls and 150 hookers. Does that count as 200 bangs?

I’d like to give my opinion here and then reflect back on my sexual history to see my ratio of good girls vs hookers. I’ve never looked over my list so this will be interesting.

OK first let me answer the question of “do hookers count?” Absolutely! If my dick was inside her vagina then it was a bang. We had sex. No question about it. She gets added to my list.

Now, I completely understand why some guys would say it doesn’t count. If guys are discussing seduction skills or “game” then obviously paying a hooker for sex is taking the easy route. But still, there’s no shame in mongering! 😀

Me personally, I don’t play the whole “game” routine and I don’t think pumping and dumping as many chicks as possible is something to brag about. I’ve had sex with a lot of women, but I don’t wear this number as a badge of honor.

I also have no shame about adding hookers to my list of “notches.” I don’t sleep with women for personal validation. I do it because I enjoy blowing my load inside of beautiful women. 😀

I keep track of every girl I sleep with. This list is for my eyes only. The reason I write them all down is because it’s so easy to forget! Life moves fast on the road. Traveling, partying, mongering, going on a date every night and hooking up. If I didn’t have a little “sexual diary” then the past three years would be one big blur of pussy and alcohol. 

For me, sex is about enjoying the pleasure of the act as well as making a great memory. I want to sit in my rocking chair as a frail old man and reflect back on all the fun I had in my youth. The traveling. The dating. I enjoy every relationship whether it lasts one year or one hour. 🙂

OK so here is my list. This is all the women I had sex with in 2015. Please refer to my snapper statistics listed below.

Hookers Banged in 2015

Good Girls Banged in 2015

Total Number of Women I Banged in 2015

Interesting the ratio favors good girls. This could have a lot to do with the fact that I live in Vietnam now. The mongering is awful here. I get a lot of BJs from hookers and that’s not factored into the stats either. Bottom line is, I prefer dating in Vietnam.

Now, I’m sure there were a lot more hookers banged in 2014 when I was living in Thailand. Maybe I’ll pull out those stats someday. But I think this is a good indication of my lifestyle now.

I prefer dating good girls in Vietnam. But I like the option to monger when necessary. And yes, they all count in my book! 😀